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Gender: Just a Marill that has gotten ahold of his trainer’s IPad, 3DS, and other devices. | IRL: Male | Oh shoot he is coming back-
Country: I was born in Hoenn as an Azurill, when I hatched out of an egg. But I didn’t act the way my trainer wanted me to, (Nature) so he traded me away for a Drowzee. But then my new trainer told me he didn’t care to fight other trainers, so he didn’t care the way I acted. Then a few days later, while in Kanto, I found my old trainer and his Drowzee, and I asked my new trainer to go into a trainer battle. As me and the Drowzee fought, my trainer ordered me to execute the finishing move. I did it, and I evolved out of happiness, and now I live in Hoenn. IRL: America
Favorite Pokémon: My number 1 favorite is Marill, and the rest of the evolution chain. I also love most water types, like Poliwag, Squirtle, or tougher ones like Greninja. Ash-Graninja is sick. Other then water types, I like Gardevoir, most Alolan forms, Torchic, Metagross, Galarian Darmanitan, Roserade, and many more. #CharizardIsOverrated. My absolute most hated Pokémon is Hypno. Just, creepy, and... eesh.
Friend Codes: Friend list! Do not take that harshly if you are not one my considered friends. If you consider me a friend, I will add you to my current friend list.

Friend list: StephWheel8
                   Gladion Aether
                   TY ™

I don’t really have any friend codes, apart from my Nintendo Switch. So here that is.

I don’t play Pokémon Showdown, partly because I can’t figure out how to put my own teams into it, and partly because I don’t play competitively. So yeah, sense I don’t play competitively, if you contact me on Switch, we can maybe do some trades. I have 2 Japanese Ditto, as well as a perfect IV Ditto, except in speed, which is rated “pretty good” according to the game. So yeah, if you want to borrow any of these for Shiny Hunting or Competitively Breeding, then lemme know. <- Outdated information! I play Showdown a lot now, and my name is Marill4Life. I am to lazy to rewrite all that info up there, so I am just putting a side not here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I got 1,000 Points on 4/19/21!
About me: So, instead of posting things about me here, I will be posting updates to my Pokémon Emerald Attempt Two Nuzlocké! I am pretty sure everyone saw the last update of my last Nuzlocké, in which I lost, but if you haven’t, just ask me for details. So, here are the rules.

-Level Up Clause; I can’t level up my Pokémon higher then the next Gym Leader.
-Permabox Clause; I can’t box something unless it dies, or temporarily for HMs.
-Switch Clause; I have to have Set Mode on.
-Battle Item Clause; No battle items, except Held Items.

Ok, here we go!
-After arriving to Litteroot (probably illegally) in the back of a Moving Truck, I had to save Prof. Birch from a Lv. 2 Zigzagoon. “Kick it or something!” And he rewards me with a Torchic named “Kicken’” as my Route 101 encounter.
-I beat May no problem, run home, and run back for my encounter on Route 102. Alright Wurmple, I am comin- Ralts! Whoo! I name her- him Eclipse.
-I pick up a Wingull (Hamburger) from Route 103.
-I watch Wally catch his Ralts like a Proud Father. (Or rather someone tired of catching tutorials.)
-I walk to Route 104, to find the Small Blue Mouse Angel, and name him Spherical.
-After beating some trainers, I went to Petalburg woods, and caught Wolfric the Poocheyana.
-I stopped a Team Aqua Grunt from ambushing a Devon Worker, and he said he was planning to do something at Rustboro. Way to keep it discreet, buddy.
-I made it to Rustboro, and went to Route 116, and caught a Taillow named “Tariyaki”.
-I went to Rusturf Tunnel for my Whismur encounter, but accidentally killed it. Oh well, I probably would have been permaboxed, due to the rules I have.
-And finally right now, I have started grinding the team up to the current Lv. Cap, being 15.
- Me = Stupid; I was grinding Wolfric, and I looked away from my screen for a second while still mashing A. When I looked back, Wolfric died. I am sure he wasn’t in kill range, except from a critical hit, and I think that is what happened. “Minute long groan”.
-My Team reached Lv. 15, and I challenged Roxanne. The fight went exactly like my other Nuzlocké fight with Roxanne, except Spherical wasn’t threatened with death this time.
-I rescued “Darling Peeko” from a very subtle Team Aqua Grunt, and in turn, his owner is now my slave/uber across the sea.
- I got a Pokénav, a tried to find a feature to turn of Random Calls from Trainers I battled.
- Beat May, sailed away to Dewferd, and welcomed Iron-Clad the Aron on to the team as my Granite Cave encounter.
- I got the Old Rod, and fished up Magikarp as my Dewferd encounter, but Iron-Clad one shot it with a critical Tackle. Urg.
- I started grinding my team to the next Lv. Cap, being 19. (Brawly)
- Finished grinding to 19, and challenged and beat Brawly.
- Delivered my letter to Steven, and he gave me Steel Wing for being a good little delivery boy.
- Sailed to Slateport, battled trainers, and started grinding my Pokémon to level 20. Not the level cap, but high enough for the stuff in-between my and Wattson without actually going over the Lv. Cap.
- Caught Doggo the Elektrike as my Route 110 encounter.
- Kicken’ evolved into Combusken, and Eclipse evolved into Kirla.
- I realized I could fish up a Pokémon on Slateport, and ended up with Arceus the Magikarp.
- Tariyaki evolved into bigger and more elegant Tariyaki.
- Spherical evolved into Azumarill.
- Finished grinding, beat up Team Aqua, beat up trainers, beat up Trick House, didn’t quite beat up May, beat up more trainers, Tariyaki died, beat up more trainers, beat up Wally at Wattson’s gym, oh wait-
- So yeah, apparently a Thundershock from a Magnemite can kill a Swellow that is at Max HP and 6 Lv.s higher then it. That is completely on me, I am really stupid.
- Tripped over a wee at Route 117,  I decided to nickname it Weed and put it on the team. (It was an Oddish, creative name, I know.)
Current Team as of Latest Update: https://pokepast.es/1410cdf14cd680f9 (At least for me, you have to search the Poképast link manually.

Hey guys! I started a Surpriselocké on Pokémon Shield, so I will be updating it on my Wall! I will (hopefully) play a balanced mixture of both, and not get into one to much. I will update both.

News: My Emerald Updates have been moved to something called Poké-updates posting on my wall, with a bunch of other games! Updates 1 and 2 have already been posted! Go check them out!

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8 hours ago by Mr. Beast™
I was, but lately I've been all over the place with my fangirling. I'm also turning into a Gray simp apparently. And if you're curious (which I kinda doubt but still), this is Gray: https://harvestmoon.fandom.com/wiki/Gray_(FoMT)

I like his eyes. Oh and I'm trying to marry him.
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interesting :)
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Gau is so huggable. Funny. I was a Gau fangirl, then I became a Danny Phantom simp, now I'm a Gau fangirl once more. I feel like that means something. (likely it means that I'm a Gau fangirl)
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Hiya! :3

Salamander Man and Gecko Girl. (I just had to say that)
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What is your first attempt of nuzlocke? I want to know :)
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I don't know whether he was trolling, but almost everything he posted was garbage and he replied exactly zero times to our many attempts to rectify that. Better off without.
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thats a cool grav :3
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