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Member for: 3 years (since Feb 26, 2014)
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Gender: Female
Country: US
Favorite Pokémon: Aggron, Skarmory, Metagross, Jirachi, Giratina, Zangoose, Lopunny, Greninja, Roserade, Goodra, Jolteon, Flareon, Sylveon, Drifblim, Mismagius, Mawile, Arcanine, Zygarde, Liepard, Blissey, Aurorus, Toxicroak, Meloetta, AND Skuntank.
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About me: I love anime, and Vocaloid, and I is a Pokemon Ranger. I am also a brony, and my name is Azeloph. Also I haz a DeviantArt Account, and a Quotev account.

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