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Favorite Pokémon: Changes all the time, but right now it is a tie between the Clawitzer line, the Totodile line, Absol/Mega Absol, etc. There are also a lot of other Pokémon I like of varying degree, for example Treecko line, Tirtuga line, Kecleon, Heleoptile line, Remoraid line, etc.
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About me: I love Pokémon but have never played a mainseries game because I’ve never had the system to play it on. So I engage in Pokémon any other way I can, for example playing Go, Masters, TCG Online, Quest, and I used to play Duel (RIP Duel). Notice that they are all mobile games cause that’s what I have; an iPad. Also I watch the anime, learn about the lore, research Pokémon on this very website, watch PokéTubers (for example MandJTV, TrueGreen7, and TheAuraGuardian), collect and play the cards, buy those neat Pokédex book things, listen the to music, and watch people who aren’t PokéTubers but have Pokémon content like JaidenAnimations (who is really really really awesome, go check her out, she is my favorite YouTuber and I also watch her other stuff cause I like story time animators as well.)  A bunch of my favorite Pokémon are listed where they should be, up there.     ^     This Christmas I am begging for a 3DS because I already have an Alpha Sapphire cartridge (my parents didn’t buy it, I just found it). This is my favorite emoji:     :D     I use it all the time. This is going to end now because this is a lot to read and if you read all the way down here, you deserve a lollipop.

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little late, but welcome!
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Welcome to pokebase
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Welcome to Pokebase!
Oct 14, 2020 by Kyogre71
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Welcome to Pokemon database! :-)
Oct 13, 2020 by user74534
hii. welcome.
Oct 13, 2020 by sumwun