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Member for: 9 years (since Jul 8, 2012)
Type: Registered user
Gender: Male
Country: No country, just region.. I live in Johto, of the Pokemon World
Favorite Pokémon: Cyndaquil and Celebi FTW
Friend Codes: Black game friend code: 3998-5756-4136 Black 2 game friend code: 4170-3776-5563

Frined list:

Elegant Espeon
shiny xerneas (porygon)
Ultra Barx
Mister Kabuto
Mewderator hehehehehehhehehe
Pika Master

I don't remember the exact spelling but SkittySaurusRex

ScytherWYNOFLY? (I think it's spelled like that)
♪Girl On Fire♪
About me: As of April the fifth, 2013 I am part of the Crepe lovers club!!!!!!!!
Previous names: pokemondude (kept for seven months), Pokemon Dude (kept for one month), Pokemon Dudette (kept for about 6 minutes... funny story), Cyndaquil Guy (kept for one month), Cyndasaur (kept for at least 30 minutes).

Account birthdate: between July 6'th and July 10'th... probably the ninth or tenth.
  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I went back to get Cobalion to catch it after I failed to do so before beating the league!
It took a while, but I was left with 1 Ultra Ball (I started with 8), 0 Pokeball (I started with 1), 1 Timer Ball (I started with 4), and 1 Master ball (started with 1)! I almost got it with Ultra balls, then Timer balls, and then I used Pokeball! I caught a legendary with the weakest ball... Please remember the following: Never use a Pokeball on a legendary thinking you'll catch it. My Cobalion had one HP left and was Paralyzed. I was determined to get Cobalion. I was ultra awesomly luck.

Coming May 15 to you(canceled):

"You wont get away with this!" (says tied up innocent man) "They will never believe you! You will fail! Cyndaquil Guy will come and beat you like he does everyone else!" (innocent man continued) "Shut up, I will succeed, I will defeat Cyndaquil Guy if he shows up. He will be tied to my wall and will be a trophy. I will be the first to stop Cyndaqul Guy, and that's a fact. He wont be able to defeat me. He only beat that Serperor Man because that guy was stupid and lame. So I say bring it on Cyndaquil Guy! Bring it on!" (says the evil Reshiman) *epic music plays* "Cyndaquil Guy will find out what is causing these random events to happen!" (says a reporter who has no idea whats going on) "He will find out everything, he will stop whoever has been taking these innocent people."(they continued)

Introducing: The Adventures of Cyndaquil Guy: A Reshiman In Reshiram!
 Poster is this: http://i.imgur.com/shvTGlK.png

My revenge list.... Hmm, let m think....... AHHA! I know.... The people on my revenge list are: Reshiman, *UNKNOWN NAME*, awesome07, TheTrain, trachy.

^&*$%-+=:l Cyndaquil Guy, the hero of The Pokemon World, the savior of Johto.

I'm just posting this for the time being:

Cyndaquil Guy
seconds ago Grimsly was all messed up and bleeding. Thank you for listening
Pika Master
seconds ago Nice Story!
Pika Master
seconds ago *quesin
Cyndaquil Guy
a minute ago ya
Pika Master
a minute ago Curse Grimsley.
Cyndaquil Guy
2 minutes ago I went back to Grimsly and got my Pokemon back
Cyndaquil Guy
2 minutes ago I got there, stepped foot in the area, he said that I wouldn't be able to beat one his Pokemons' toes. He said that he would **** me up! I won the battle, one thing he was right about, I didn't even hurt any of his Pokemons' toes.
Pika Master
2 minutes ago Hey, check out the new Question, Guys.
Cyndaquil Guy
4 minutes ago I let my Terrakion, Virizion, and Conkelldur deal with him while I went to Challenge Alder
Cyndaquil Guy
5 minutes ago He told me to face the wrath of his Dark-types and never return. He also said to go get a life. I beat the dimwit and slapped his face.
Cyndaquil Guy
5 minutes ago Then I challenged Grimsly
Cyndaquil Guy
6 minutes ago She said "**** that! The others treat people badly, especially the trainers who have never lost a battle! Thise guys are so mean, challenge me, let me begin a chapter in my book!" I had never lost a battle, I won!
6 minutes ago cool story bro. tell it again
7 minutes ago honchcrow. im back
Cyndaquil Guy
7 minutes ago I suspected that she would yell and cuss at me...
Cyndaquil Guy
7 minutes ago And so went to challenge Shantal
Cyndaquil Guy
8 minutes ago Then I yelled "DAMN YOU!"
Cyndaquil Guy
8 minutes ago He had his stupid Dark-type run me back down to the first floor
Cyndaquil Guy
9 minutes ago I chose to face his wrath
Cyndaquil Guy
9 minutes ago He said to go away or face his wrath
Cyndaquil Guy
9 minutes ago Then I challenge Grimsly
Cyndaquil Guy
10 minutes ago I tripped and fell down to the lower floor.
10 minutes ago Dont worry.
10 minutes ago I wont say anything.
10 minutes ago lol
Cyndaquil Guy
11 minutes ago Then she kissed me back, and kicked me in the shin.
11 minutes ago Nice story...
Cyndaquil Guy
11 minutes ago After she said that, I killed her after kissing her,
Cyndaquil Guy
12 minutes ago And Caitlin, Caitlin woke up and tole me to **** off and called me a stalker, and she got made for me interferring with her sleep. She battled anyway, I beat her, she still "**** off you idiot!"
Cyndaquil Guy
13 minutes ago The guy said he hated me, so I raged at him and killed him.
Cyndaquil Guy
16 minutes ago And even Marshal's Breloom

Most awesomest battle: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou-34483683

-+=-&+#+-Cyndaquil Guy, the savior of Johto, and sometimes other regions

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Candy ish bak c:
Jul 3, 2016 by Candy
Jul 3, 2016 by Candy
I was Serperior Man...
I am a competent villain...
Jan 6, 2016 by Felix⠀
U ditched Garchomp?
Aug 20, 2013 by PikaPals