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Gender: What was that Professor Oak?
Country: Antartica
Favorite Pokémon: Solgaleo Lugia Quagsire Rayquaza Jirachi Charizard Blastoise Dracovish Galarian Darmanitan
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About me: Basically a user who plays to much pokemon. I play on the switch and love making movesets for myself.

I am NOT a OG fan. I am new to the pokemon saga (except for the show XD)

Friend list:

Facts about me:

Have a 110.5% On my Math Compression grade (Basically advanced math and quicker learning)
Have a 125.27% On my World History Grade
Hates school

Has over 100 videogames.
About 80 on the Sega genesis (that thing is MINE not my OLDER BROTHERS. It was a newer one, created in 2017, near the time I got it!

20 Games on my WII and WII U (40)
20-30 games on my Nintendo Switch (getting Super Mario 3D world + Bowsers Fury)

Spoiled Child confirmed.

I have a pet cat that is to affectionate in my zoom meeting

All my grades are A+'s and over

Likes making video games, got banned on the website I make them at for owning @QQ. Now me and my brother are IP banned XD.

My brother is |corviknight| I think XD

Why was Fortnite so big?

Well first the "popular kid" See's some 3D shooter for free! He likes it because of how he always tries to beat others and how he JUST, WANTS, TO, WIN! Then he spreads it to other kids. Since it's free, some of the poor kids want to play it to (the popular affect)

Once they do, they REALLY want to win (get a victory royale) and then they want skins, (the addiction)

They asks there parents to buy it a lot. Some will say yes, others will say no, and others will ban the game from the, if they beg A LOT.

Soon kids get temper-tantrums and want it so badly, they go crazy.

Then after people seeing it's BIG, they play it to.

Usually the Youtuber will play even if it's good for views and subscribers.

Then the people who view the Youtube videos will want the game to! + it's free so they will get it!

If you don't believe this and you are 18+ let me tell you, most 14 years olds and below are easily influenced to trends.

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