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A couple more points then.
 1. The related questions has nothing on this. We use the related questions to identify duplicates normally. And most of the time, if it isn't on the related questions, it's sufficiently different to be accepted.
 2. Text speak is hardly banned. It's fine, provided it's still reasonably understandable
 3.  Certain questions can be reaasked based on the time - for example, the circumstances MAY change as new games are released.
 4. There's a difference between helping and minimodding. You yourself said that there was 'nothing against minimodding in the rules' - this implies you in fact also believed you were minimodding, which in that sense is bad.
 5.  Clarify what you mean then. Your sentence was obscure.
 6.  Trivial is open to interpretation. If you say that asking what Pokémon has the lowest base stat is trivial - why did we have it before according to you? And then we have questions which go what Pokémon has the highest base stat and things like that. Would you like the rest of the site to hide those too?
 7.  Errm. Me at fault? Mate, I entered this after. I wasn't even aware of this until I read the comments and you're saying I was at fault?
Jun 10, 2014 by Sempi
Let me say a couple things.
While I'm sure the site appreciates everything that you're trying to do, the fact remains the question and hotcake's answer were perfectly valid. Take this from someone who's been on the site for a long time, and someone who's had experience in this.
Additionally, do you actually believe that if the Mods believes it is fine, you have something to go against it?

Also, we do not need to tell you every little thing in the rules. Minimodding is considered bad regardless of being in the rules or not - the rules are technically outdated, and there are several things that are not stated in the rules which are kickable or bannable.

Also, Scraf is one of the more respected users on the site and to an extent is quite influential.
So yeah.
Jun 10, 2014 by Sempi