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Gender: Male
Country: Australia
Favorite Pokémon: Arceus , Sylveon , The rest of the Eeveelutions , Alcremie , Hawlucha , Primarina , Roserade , Florges , Castform , Lilligant , Whimsicot , Oricorio , Silvally and basically any Pokémon with multiple forms
Friend Codes: 3ds:
About me: Name: just call me hawk or HM2 (cause its fly obviously)
Favourite Pokemon type: Fairy
Second Favourite Pokemon type: Grass or Flying
Favourite Pokemon of all time: SYLVEON <3 <3 <3
IGN: Mansour (someone I know...)
How I started pokemon: My first game ever was Diamond, the thing is I got my ds when I was 3 and I randomly picked some games, but FATE had me pick Pokemon Diamond, the truth I never played it until I was 5 cause I literally played Mario 24/7, then I tried Pokemon Diamond and tbh I couldn't read very well at the time so I tried to leave town and a guy stops me and pushes me back so... Months later my older sister tries it, so she reads it, talks to Barry and leaves town, moments later she says the game is boring and hands it to me, and I chose Piplup cause in thought it was cute and it still is. When I got to Jubilife city I felt like a legend.
So just to be clear I've just started Pokemon and I had 0 knowledge of it. I had no idea about types, special or physical moves, EVs or IV, in battle stat changes, abilities, the difference between DEF and SP.DEF or ATK and SP.ATK, that your Pokemon can hold items and move effectiveness, I knew how TMs and HMs work and that you can catch pokemon cause Dawn teaches you but I never actually used a Pokemon other than Empoleon, I would attack with a random move each turn (don't worry I would teach new moves by level up) and I had Empoleon by level 80 something before the elite 4 along with Dialga and a team of 30-40 I caught and never used, still........ I won.
(FYI I needed youtube A LOT cause I never could have made it through the caves and the snow)
Next, I played Ultra Moon... about 10 years later and I LOVED IT, let's just say I knew everything I didn't know, I chose Popplio cause for some reason it's the best starter but somehow it grew on me.
Then I joined this site cause I had plenty of questions and then I was introduced to showdown.
That's all =]
Edit: I'm playing Brilliant diamond now. Please feel free to add me and we'll battle and trade together! =]

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how tho
Nov 19, 2021 by KrystalInfernus
nice you got bdsp?
Nov 19, 2021 by KrystalInfernus
he commented on one of the recent questions made by smoothie
Nov 18, 2021 by neo magius
yes he is active
Nov 18, 2021 by neo magius
U still active?
Apr 2, 2021 by Mr. Beast™
Thanks for your answer!
Mar 5, 2021 by ShinyMagikarp555
Jan 8, 2021 by ~Smoothie~
Perfect ability
Dec 22, 2020 by Hawk marron
Ability:Breath Of The Flowers(maybe?)
Only works in doubles sadly
On switch-in, recovers 30% of ally's health
Increases the user's Special attack by 1 stage
If the opposing foe is a Poison, Fire(anything that is super effective against Floreon), Lowers their higher attacking stat by 2 stages
Dec 19, 2020 by ★~ProfDelldell~★