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Gender: Picture me as a golden Magikarp with white barbels.
Country: Friend code:... 2810-1710-1391
Favorite Pokémon: Magikarp
Friend Codes:
About me: Pokémon I dislike: Charizard, Pikachu, Mimikyu, Kyogre.

Favorite town: Hoppy Town

Favorite Poison-type Pokémon: ( Poison is my second favorite type, and I have a lot of Pokémon of that type that I really like. Here is the list.
( in no particular order...)

Foonguss, Grimer, Muk, Gulpin, Swalot.

Pokémon I’m always looking for: high level Meowth with the pickup ability. ( I like to train them to level 100 and then get a team of six and use pay day in the wild and get money and potentially items at the same time.) :

Oricorio. ( shiny or regular, I love to collect them. It’s my favorite Flying type Pokémon.

Magikarp. ( does anything else really need to be said?...)

Pidgeot. ( I’m also always looking for pidgeot as well.)

If you have any your willing to trade, please post on my wall to let me know! The meowth are what I’m really looking for,  but I’ll take anything...
Least favorite Pokémon type: Fairy. ( in my humble opinion, this type shouldn’t even exist... :/...)

Favorite type: Dark
( though if I’m being truly honest, my all time favorite type would be the ??? Type, despite the fact that it was basically useless.)
Other Pokémon I like: ( in no particular order)
Darkrai,  Meloetta, Arceus, Giratina, Bruxish,  Feebas, Guzzlord, Kartana, Absol, Comfey, ( I know I hate the fairy type, but I do have a soft side for some fairy type Pokémon.) Spritzee.

My story: I came to this site after I joined a Discord server, and to make a long story short, telling die-hard Pokémon fans that my favorite Pokémon was Magikarp, was not one of my brightest moments...!

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I forgot what color was which and I mistook it for a Ghost-type Silvally somehow. XD

And yep, good game! I forgot how fun it was to battle against other players, even when I lose. And that came out more dramatic than I expected.
Jan 13 by Fenton Force
So great news! The Spritzee is at level 100 now. When can u trade?
Jan 9 by This Guy
Sometimes it takes only about ten minutes, other times it can take a few hours, I think. My memory's not very reliable, so it could be longer at times, but I don't think it'll take too long.
Jan 5 by Fenton Force
So good news! I have the Spritzee now and all I have left to do is to level it up to level 100! Which I am currantly doing right now.
Jan 5 by This Guy
Hi! So I looked thru my pokemon in Pokemon X and it turns out I do not have a Spritzee right now. So I'll have to ask it from the GTS which will take even longer. Sorry for the delay!
Jan 5 by This Guy
Oof, I'm sorry, but I don't have one. I had an Own Tempo Rockruff one once, but I traded it off without breeding it (which was a plain bad decision).

Danny/Alpha/PrimalKyogre man might have one (I think he's the one who gave me the Own Tempo Rockruff), but I'm not sure.
Dec 27, 2021 by Fenton Force
Pretty good, how about you?
Sep 18, 2021 by AlphaSapphire
Oh no worries! I was mainly joking around

You add people on go by pressing on your person, swiping to friends, press add friends, and insert their friend codes. You can find codes online or ask people in the chatroom
Aug 31, 2021 by ~Smoothie~
Hey bud, when you ask questions, please be sure to select your favourite answer as “best” if it helps you! It’s super simple; just click the green check mark in the upper right corner. It lets everyone know you are satisfied with the answer (and gives points to the answerer! It’s like a thank you). Otherwise it gives the impression you don’t like the answer.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to wall me, another expert, or any staff member. Thank you!
Aug 27, 2021 by ~Smoothie~
Hmm... I think they can hatch from gift Eggs. Apparently friends give 'em to ya or something. I'm not really sure 'cause I never played Pokemon Go and had to look it up on Bulbapedia. XD

Aug 27, 2021 by Fenton Force