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Gender: Straight Male, you here me? STRAIGHT!
Country: Russia >:3
Favorite Pokémon: Aggron( I finally got one! Now all I need to do is get a shiny one.) Mienshao,Rhyperior, Volcarona( It's OverUsed for a reason) Nidoking( Purple Dinosaur, I mean c'mon.) Weavile, Lucario, Garchomp, Blisheh, Honchkrow(It's literally the Boss Pokemon...)
Friend Codes: HeartGold- 2408 7586 0435
White- 2194-3449-9705
FireRed- (also forgotten)
LeafGreen- (once again, forgotten)
About me: Oh, yeah, I am also 14, which is really not all that it's cracked up to be, because now my parents think that I'm just a smart behind, and that I think that I know everything, and know nothing, and that this is a very long run on sentence, because it is, now shutup and read it, or I will send my little aron cronies to come and Head Smash your family, and not take any recoil damage because they have the ability Rock Head, which negates all recoil damage, now goto bed because it's past your bedtime, and read the rest of my Bio before you do, THERE I'M DONE! I love high Defense and High attack,(hence Aggron being first on my list) or High Sp. Defense and high Sp. Attack.(hence the Volcarona) I've only been playing pokemon for a few years, but because of this site I know more about Pokemon than all of my other favorite anythings combined. I also hate stupid people... so thats pretty much everyone I know.

Favorite Movies/TV shows: Hetalia: All Variatons, Stargate, Claymore, Naruto, Bleach, Black Butler(NOT BLACK BIBLE), The Sound Of Music, Awake, The Killing, The Simpsons, The Simpsons Movie, X files.

Favorite book: Catching Fire


Note- My freind codes, the ones that say forgotten, either weren't near me at the time or have long since been lost.

Now, to do my FREINDS LIST!
In no particular order:

The Pika: You've been there since the first day, I gotta give you props for that. :P

JirachiCelebiMew: One word, and one word only. Shroom :D

iGoldstar16: CHRISTY!!!! Hey, you're another one of my freinds, I like you alot, NEVER TRANSLATE MY RUSSIAN... :P

Rio: Your on everyone else's friends list, might as well be on mine too.

blobyolo: You are one of the most respectable users I've ever met. You're teams on PO are INCREDIBLE! I'd really love for you to be my Tutor. I'd also love to suck up all of your knowledge about pokemon and strategies. :P

Mew: Your another one of the first I ever knew, I wish you could be closer to me, very nice guy, always comes in at the wrong time though.

PokemonBlack10:MIKE! Your very reasonable and a really cool guy, you deserve a spot on this list.

Zeo: Really nice guy, I'm glad your back on too.

DarkTyphlosion: You ARE the most respectable user on this site, okay maybe second to Pokemaster, but only because he's from Britain, and I am terrified of their government.

Josh: I would put your full name on here, but I don't have that much memory space left. Really cool guy, you handled that troll like a boss.

Lexiecat123: Cuz I forgot! :P

Swaggron: Your a really good battler like blobyolo, and your always a good sign when I see you on chat.

Morning Glory: Your a really nice person, AND YOUR ASIAN. I mean, your name's Miyuki, what's not to like about that?

Well, thas mah freents leest, now it's story time!

  Once, several hundred years after the beginning of time, there was a rapidly developing group of humans that dominated the Earth. they took from it and gaver back to it at there will, never one quarrel, never one war. As you can tell, they were a very peaceful race, however, they were developing too rapidly to stay that way. There was one group of them that decided that they did not have enough land to keep up with they're entire tribe, they were called the Ilaweh. Because they thought they were so small, they went to the neighboring tribes and began pillaging and invading them. Oh yeah, back to the storyline. Well, in one of these tribes were a family of so called,"beast lovers." All their tribemates thought little of them and thought they were petty cretins that only knew love for beasts. They ignored this, for they knew something that they didn't, the beasts had within them incredible power. The youngest of the family had a specific caring for a beast that the young boy had named Manus, that had two tails, one tail had electricity flowing through it, and the other was engulfed in flames. it stood upright, but looked something like a dog. He was the most gorgeous thing anyone had ever seen. Ugh, I keep forgetting to keep with the storyline. The youngest of the family's name was Hello, he was a decent looking young boy, he was also taller than his slightly other brother Kiai. He also had a very sweet older sister named Hi. their parents loved them very much and taught them the ways of beast training when they were very young. Kiai had a very powerful Ice-type beast, he called it Arlia, and it was nearly as beautiful and graceful as Manus, but it would often cause mischief and go out and kill livestock or freeze people for no reason. Hello always had to clean up his older brother's mess, Kiai hated him for this. One day, Kiai and Arlia were hunting in the woods, when a band of Ilawehan scouts ambushed them, Arlia and Kiai fought hard and only left one survivor, who then crawled back to his leader and told them of what had unfolded. The leader Let his mind wander off thinking about how this small boy could have destroyed an entire platoon of experienced warriors... Meanwhile, Back at the settlement, Kiai came home, his younger brother had been worried sick thinking his brother had been killed by wild beasts or caught by a Ilawehan hunting party. He asked profusely about where he had been. His brother remained silent, Because the Ilawehan leader was not the only one letting his mind run off. Kiai saw that his settlement was weak and poor, and instead of wanting to improve it, he wanted nothing to do with it. He thought that it would be a great act of mercy just to kill them all... He also saw that the Ilawehans were in great need of half decent warriors. So, He decided that he would join the Ilawehans...

That;s all i can do for today, i'll finish it whenever i get the chance!

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