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Gender: Boy
Country: USA, South Carolina
Favorite Pokémon: Pikachu, Squirtle, Raichu, Blastiose, Pichu, Venonat, Typhlosion, Quilava, Cyndaquil, Resirham, Gengar, and Zekrom
Friend Codes: 3DS: 1547-6135-7730 (HyperG)
I can't do Online Trades or Battles until I get all Gym badges and beat the Elite Four.
About me: Age: Unknown

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You stole my name m8.
Lol jk you were on this site 2 months longer than I was
May 19, 2015 by gengarchomp
Hey, I accidentally transferred your Torterra to my Y version. Could you Pokebank the Braviary to your Generation 6 game? Thanks!! :D
Feb 28, 2014 by •==[Mega-Grievous==>
dude,you are awesome my favorite pokemon is gengar
Nov 26, 2013 by mohammad
hi added u i got pokemon y mine is 3325 2740 4088
Nov 11, 2013 by Lloyd_Weed
Nov 10, 2013 by UmbreonLover456
Do You Think Mrs. Arceaga Should Wear A Bikini When She's 8 Months Pregnant.
Nov 10, 2013 by UmbreonLover456
Hey Hyper, I'll keep training your Pokemon! I got Ampharos a little higher, but I'll probz stop at around level 90. :D
Aug 20, 2013 by •==[Mega-Grievous==>
Aug 15, 2013 by HyperGengar
Hello father >:)
Aug 13, 2013 by Distortion Keeper