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Gender: Male
Country: NV, America
Favorite Pokémon: (In Order) Appletun, Arctozolt, Flareon, Venusaur, Flygon, Goodra, Rayquaza, Dragonair, Seismitoad
Friend Codes: what is this word? friends?
About me: im quiet and introverted, i like to draw A LOT. I don't have many friends, I like playing video games a lot.

Shiny Pokemon I Have Caught On Sw/Sh:
Seismitoad: 6/04/21
Flareon: 3/24/21
Appletun-GMax: 3/31/21
Tangrowth: 6/02/21
Arctozolt: 6/01/21
5 Lycanroc-Dusks
2 Metagrosses
4 Abomasnows
4 Umbreons
2 Shedinjas
Psyduck: 6/02/21
Ponyta-Galar 6/02/21
2 Ivysaurs (-> Venusaur)
Dreepy (-> Dragapult)
Rayquaza (Through Dynamax Adventure)
6 Liepards

Note: All of the pokemon were from raid dens, except for the Rayquaza.
Note: In total should be 51, including doubles

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I not sus
Jun 4 by Misfortune
Kinda sus ngl
Jun 3 by BeastMaster™
a league player?
Jun 2 by trz
At LeAsT sHiNy MaNtInE iSn'T tHaT gOoD

I wanna see u crit and kill a shiny mantine ;-;
May 21 by Da Viper
misfortune whenever you want to talk to someone post on their wall
May 20 by PKThunder10
Actually, remember the Durant set you made? X-Scissor is boosted by Swarm ONLY when Durant's HP falls below a third of its maximum health. So, special attacks will decimate the ant.
May 19 by ~FlameTheVulpix~
ohh I forgot ab Pk thunder lol, I rarely use ness in smash
May 19 by Misfortune
Pk thunder is one of ness's attacks
May 19 by PKThunder10
No its based of PKThunder one of ness's attacks in super smash
May 19 by PKThunder10
May 19 by Misfortune