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Gender: Male Absol. (Gee, what gave it away?)
Country: Well well well, what do we have here? America!
Favorite Pokémon: Lol m8 1v1 me irl fgt
Friend Codes: 3ds- 5214-9366-3106 (It don't say my username!)
About me: Birthday APRIL 3rd!!!!!!!!!!! Fire Emblem: Awakening (here is my stats if you play this game.)
Old prof> Robin Married to: Panne(Dat a*ahem* umm.... ok lets see what else...)((heh heh!(^o^')))
Made a new prof- still the same, but im married to Lucina and now assassin.  \(but I still love Pann*ahem* ummmm...... Fire Emblem!)
Animes I like.

Evan F'ING gelion
Spice and wolf (That moment when u relize u find a wolf girl.) SHE'S A THUG!!!! This is my OFFICAL FAV ANIMEZZZ!!!
Gate Keepers( I feel like the only who watches this...)
Full Metal Alchemist
And Gunslinger girl
Favorite Singer: Nickleback
Favorite Song:  Hollow Moon by Awolnation.
Second Fav Song: Hero By Nickleback
Best saying ever: "Lemma tell you somthin about show buissnes. Gotta have a lot of shwag."
Another one:"I'm not weird, im Limited edition." (no wonder there's so many Limited Editions...(^_^) )
*falls* There's one less grasshopper...
Kid at school:"What's wrong at with u?" Response:" u r looking at me."

Remarkable saying by a teacher:" You must be the best of the best at the best school in the best room of the best world at the best time on the best day."

 Worst saying ever heard: "I have swag." response: "So does Dialga, and he's a Pokémon."

Close Friend: "Yea! It was you! But just in case, what did you do again?"

CURRENT TEAM: if it need anything let me know on wall. (^-^)
lets get started. DONT SAY I SUCK AT TRANING POKEMON. I try at least.......
Deoxys [email protected] nothing
nature docile
sp atk-419
sp def-72
356 spd
MOVES psychic, hyper beam, recover, Zen head butt

LV.100 Delphox With a float stone. its Timid.
 Balanced be fore sp atk.
SP. ATK 276
SP.DEF 251
MOVES Grass Knot
Mystical Fire
Fire Blast

Darkrai LV.100 @ nothing
timid nature
 bad dreams
speed 319 balanced after speed
dark void
dream eater  dark pulse    night mare.

Arceus lv 100 leftovers
balanced HP 389
adamant nature
Roar of Time
Spacial rend
Shadow force

Blaziken LV. 88 Blazikienite
nature quirky
DEF 154
SP. ATK238
SP.DEF 150
HP 278  

Ninetales  LV.53 Life orb
balanced nature Naïve

Fire Blast
Feint Attack
Flame Burst

finished finally. Help out the team! thanks.

I have Pokémon x and AS. I like trivia about Pokémon but nothing else. I've always loved Pokémon, no matter how big or small.

Friends- The one and only, Twig ,  Double r DJ (we stared tds) , Leaf, The one and only Demonic Flygwane,PKMN Trainer 151.1,  AegiDash. Everybody is a friend to me, so most of the time I will just talk on chat.
Call me what u want, I prefer Deo.
I do not have internet for my 3ds. I also am sort of on the funny side.Im a nice guy but I take things to serious sometimes.

Most used faces (^-^)

Most unlikely to Say: Hi.
Most likely to Say :Hi.
Pokémon (I have just 4 boxes. poor me.)on X.
I have just about all legendries now. I need Three more.
I need The tree legendary birds. (AM WILLING TO TRADE!!! lemma know on my wall.)
U got TSD now!  (its typing dyslexia  Syndrome)
Age:12 Grade 7
There that's all about me! Post on my wall if u like some of the things I like!    x  Bulling  (stop cyber, mental and physical bullying, put on your about me!)

There u have It!
 Days I broke 100 marks ( I just got started!)
100- 2/22/15
200- 4/8/2015

Smash Bros. For 3ds
I'm pretty good and I specialize in making  attacks. I use ONLY Lucina, Marth, and Dark pit, Cloud, Mewtwo.
Worst Character:: Ness
DLS i want: Panne, snake. Oh and if you have any info on the new fire emlemz, TELL ME DARN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well if you want to know any thing else... let me know. Oh, a few final words, "final words".

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I have had Fates for a few weeks now
Mar 31, 2016 by wokeboke
//super-bowl commercial//
"Celebrating 20 years. Train on."
Mar 3, 2016 by Mr.Absol(Deo)
Its ok, if it's anything like fullmetal then im sure i will :>
Jan 30, 2016 by wokeboke
Not yet i will though
Jan 25, 2016 by wokeboke
Flamey the charmander forever <3
Jan 24, 2016 by Lady Sylbreon 151.1
Now that I think about I do have a lot of starters........on B/W with no pokebank or X and I only have one 3DS
I'm missing a lot on Alpha Sapphire, I need Squirtle, all the johto ones, Mudkip, All the gen four and five ones and all the gen six ones. Wow my starter collection is terrible why did I not notice this earlier O.O @[email protected]
Jan 20, 2016 by Lady Sylbreon 151.1
Ok thanks 4 the suggestion
Jan 20, 2016 by wokeboke
ty and do you have any starter Pokemon?
Jan 18, 2016 by Lady Sylbreon 151.1
I thiiiiiink i haz palkia ty tho :3
Jan 17, 2016 by Lady Sylbreon 151.1
//moar wall posts// o3o
Jan 16, 2016 by Lady Sylbreon 151.1