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Again, the movesets you are posting to the site are unsatisfactory. An item and a set of moves doesn't cut it, you need EVs, natures and abilities. This is for competitive battling, and that requires those details.
Dec 15, 2014 by Fizz
Hi WhiteKyurem!
Recently, a lot of the answers you have been posting on the moveset questions are being rejected and hidden. I'm posting this here in case you are wondering why...

1. The EVs you are putting on your Pokemon are completely wrong. 2 or 3 EV points will not do anything to that stat at all. I recommend you read up a little more about EVs before you post movesets - you can do that here > http://pokemondb.net/ev
2. The moves you are using are not ideal on the Pokemon you are posting. Twister and Faint Attack are both disgusting moves on Dragalge, for example. Faint Attack might give coverage, but Dragalge has pitiful Attack, and Faint Attack has low base power, making it a bad move. Twister is pointless when you have Dragon Pulse on the same set, and the move isn't good anyway.
What are the sets you are posting supposed to be used for (like, for beating the Elite Four, online, battling with friends, etc.)? Generally the moveset posts are targeted at competitive battling (battles for online use on Wifi, or on Pokemon Showdown!), so sets for those metagames should be used. The sets you are using appear to be for in-game use (like for the Elite Four and the main story and such) due to how different they are to the competitive community, how you use OHKO moves like Fissure sometimes (which are banned in most competitive battles) and the fact you provide little reasoning for using each move except for stating what types they cover (which most people should be able to figure out themselves). Competitive battles are more than just having STAB moves and having coverage - they are about strategy and doing whatever you need to do to win.

Sorry about that, and I'm sorry if I appeared to be rude, because being rude was not my intention. I just wanted to post this so your sets could improve and be appreciated by the community.

If you want to give competitive Pokemon battling a try, I recommend having a look through the RMT section and looking at a few teams from some senior battlers. This will give you an idea of how to teambuild, what Pokemon are good in today's metagame, etc.
I also recommend looking at Smogon.com's analysis's and their tiers, which are staples in the competitive world that you'll need to know before you start competitive.

Again, sorry if I was rude, and thank you for your time. If you have any questions, leave something on my wall, I'll replay as soon as I can. Thanks :)
Jan 16, 2014 by Fizz