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Gender: I am a Zekrom! Haha, na I'm a dude
Country: Unova... Na, I live in Nampa, Idaho. I wish though
Favorite Pokémon: Zekrom (shiny). Actually, I like 'em all
Friend Codes: 0791-3621-5158

I am willing to battle everyone.... AT ONCE!!!! Haha XD

You know who you are if your my friend, and I find it kind of odd to have a friend list. I never got used to them. :'
About me: Table of Contents:
About Me
Pokémon Dislikes
Favorite Types
Favorite Natures
Pokémon Games I Own

First of all, my name is Sammy and I LOOOOVE POKéMON!!!!!! I especially love Zekrom and Pokémon White. Anyways, I'm 16 years old (as of 2/25/13), I am also a good friend to have, and I am nice, unless you bring me to the edge, and only till then, I'll go SAIYAN ON YO A$$!!! haha, jk. My friends are my family, and if you mess with them, your messing with me.

My Pokemon dislikes are:
Audino, Magikarp, Pikachu (power-wise), Quagsire, and a LOT more

My Favorite Types:
Electric, Dragon, Ice, and Ghost

My Favorite Natures:
Adamant, Modest, Calm

Games I Own:
Gold, Silver, Red, Emerald, Blue Mystery Dungeon, Soul Silver and White

I will delete and add more as life goes on. :)

I'm not on here as often as I used to be, so if you see me on here, its like finding a shiny. XD

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Hay there, remember me? Heh I'm back
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