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Gender: male
Country: United States
Favorite Pokémon: Ice Dark and Electric types
Friend Codes: N/A
About me: Favorite of each types;

Normal: Sawsbuck
Fire: Arcanine
Water: Lanturn
Grass: Trevanent
Bug: Volcarona
Flying: Honchcrow
Electric: Eelectross
Ground: Krokarok
Rock: Gigalith
Fighting: Halucha
Psychic: Alakazam
Dark: Absol
Ghost: Chandelure
Fairy: Klefki
Poison: Crobat
Steel: Bisharp
Ice: Abomasnow
Dragon: Drunagon
Favorite Pokemon in each category;
Early Bird: Talonflame
Rodent: Watchog
Pika Knockoff: Pichu
Legendary: Kyrem
Mythical: Shaymin
Trio: Swords of Justice
Box Legendary: Resharam
Starter: Feraligator
Favorite Themes;
R/B/G/Y: Trainer
GSC: Red
RSE: The Titans
DPP: Mind Pixies
BW: Swords of Justice
BW2: Team Plasma Grunt
XY: Rival
SM: Elite Four

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hi. welcome.
Dec 17, 2017 by sumwun