Egg move overhaul, text list exporter and other site updates

Site Updates — 03 November, 2022

It's been a while since I posted about any updates to the site but minor amendments are always being done, particularly for ongoing games like Pokémon GO. And over the past few months a few larger changes have been made.

The biggest is a complete overhaul of the egg move parents section. Previously we only had one page per Pokémon which showed the latest game, and omitted alternate forms which can have different egg moves. It worked well enough in the past as the details didn't change much across generations, but with recent games having limited Pokédexes (Pokédices?) it was becoming less and less helpful. So this content has now been expanded for each set of games and moved to the bottom of the moves by generation page, with tabs for alternate forms.

The second new page is a Pokémon text list generator. It's a simple tool to grab a plain text list of Pokémon. There are various options to show forms, types and base stats, or filter by generation/type. The output can be pasted into a spreadsheet or a text editor for further analysis/manipulation. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

As mentioned above, our Pokémon GO section continues to receive regular updates as new Pokémon are added and others become shiny-eligible (if you didn't know, our shiny sprites page marks which Pokémon are available as shinies and which are not). The sprites section for each Pokémon is also regularly updated with new GO costumes and forms (check out Pikachu's page! I will have to move all those to a separate page).

I recently added two new pages to the GO section: a list of Community Days and Spotlight Hours. These are both events that feature a particular species in large numbers, with additional bonuses, so it's useful to know what's coming up and what's been before.

I also fixed a long-standing omission, which is Trial Captains and other trainers from Pokémon Sun/Moon. I neglected them initially as they are not battled during the main story, but many can be battled later and there are other trainers too. Of course, the same page for Ultra Sun/Moon also exists. This means they now also appear on the Notable Trainers section of type pages (e.g. Olivia on the Rock page).

Finally while I'm here, a little helpful feature I added a year or so back was an improved error page. If you follow an incorrect link from another site, or simply mistype the URL yourself, the page not found screen will give you some suggestions! It's based on a technique called Levenshtein distance that ranks word similarity, so it will try and find the URLs closest to the one you tried. It's already saved me many times!

Spelling correction of Feucoco to Fuecoco
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