Pokémon GO Community Days

Pokémon GO introduced Community Day in 2018 as a monthly event for trainers to meet up and experience what it means to be a part of this special community. Each month, a different Pokémon is featured and is much more common in the wild (across the whold world). What's more, the featured Pokémon has a much higher chance to be shiny - the rate is believed to be around 1 in 25. For over two years Community Days were the first opportunity to obtain the shiny form, but recent

Each featured Pokémon can also learn a special move. In the first CD, Pikachu came with Surf when caught; all later CDs require evolving the Pokémon to their final stage (e.g. Charizard on Charmander Community Day). The move can only be obtained by evolving within CD hours or up to two hours afterward, otherwise an Elite TM is required.

Additional bonuses feature every month, such as triple stardust or triple XP, and Lure modules last for 3 hours. The Pokémon's catch rate is also raised to 40%, which is great for Pokémon such as the starters which normally have low catch rates. Each December so far has been a retrospective event where Pokémon from the previous 11 months can be found, and exclusive moves from that year and the previous year can be obtained.

Below we list all the Community Days that have taken place along with the exclusive move and bonuses.