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Changing of forms does not count.

  • Scyther -> Scizor: Speed drop
  • Magneton -> Magnezone: Speed drop
I was just about to ask this question! Onix's speed decreases when it evolves into Steelix, so does Electabuzz's speed.
Trapinch has an Atk of 100, but Vibrava has 70 Atk. It goes back to 100 as Flygon.
Trapinch's attack falls when it evolves into Vibrava.

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Caterpie -> Metapod: Speed
Metapod -> Butterfree: Def
Weedle -> Kakuna: Speed
Kakuna -> Beedrill: Def
Poliwhirl -> Poliwrath: Speed
Poliwhirl -> Politoed: Speed
Magneton -> Magnezone: Speed
Onix -> Steelix: Speed
Scyther -> Scizor: Speed
Porygon2 -> Porygon-z: Def & SDef
Murkrow -> Honchkrow: Speed
Wurmple -> Sil/Cascoon: Speed
Silcoon -> Beautifly: Def
Surskit -> Masquerain: Speed
Nincada -> Ninjask: Def
Nincada -> Shedinja: HP & Def
Trapinch -> Vibrava: Atk
Shelgon -> Salamence: Def
Combee -> Vespiquen: Speed
Tangela -> Tangrowth: Speed
Roggenrola -> Boldore: Speed
Swadloon -> Leavanny: Def SDef
Dwebble -> Crustle: Speed
Karrablast -> Escavalier: Speed
Shelmet -> Accelgor: Def & SDef
Larvesta -> Volcarona: Atk

I think I have every stat drops here. It has taken me long time, but here you have it!
Edit: Electabuzz -> Electivire: Speed & Magmar -> Magmotar: Speed

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You've missed a few. There is no Magmar, no Electabuzz.
Thanks :)