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I have been wondering this for a while.
My NDS was broken and I unfortunately missed the Darkrai, Mewtwo and Zekrom/Reshiram events, and really want to get them for my Pokedex and just general game.
Is there any way WITHOUT CHEATS that I can get these Pokemon again?


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There is not until the next event for these Pokemon comes along, and I can assume that that won't happen for the Mewtwo and Zekrom/Reshiram events, at least for those specific event moves.
However, you can always trade for these Pokemon. Plenty of people on this site have the Darkrai and Mewtwo events. Although you might have to offer up something good for these Pokemon. But just go on the chat and ask. Eventually you'll run into someone with these Pokemon.

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Thanks trachy and $tarPower! But you get BA trachy! THANKS!!
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No sorry unless the events are still going on you can't get them back. I would use the GTS for Mewtwo and Darkrai. For Reshiram it's caught in-game for Zekrom GTS.

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I believe he means the Mist/Haze Reshiram/Zekrom event.