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I just want to know (it's for HG/SS). But don't tell me the move, I can look that up.

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  • Lickitung -> Rollout -> Lickylicky
  • Tangela -> AncientPower -> Tangrowth
  • Piloswine -> AncientPower -> Mamoswine
  • Aipom -> Double Hit -> Ambipom
  • Mime Jr. -> Mimic -> Mr. Mime
  • Bonsly -> Mimic -> Sudowoodo
  • Yanma -> AncientPower -> Yanmega


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You know I did say "DON'T TELL ME THE MOVE".
Oh well It saved you some time and wasted precious moments of the time that Mews heart keeps on beating and his soul lives to reign supreme! After Pokemaster. But yeah,  appreciate it.