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Im Playing Gold and I Want To Use Magneton. But Are There Any Good Steel STAB moves. Its an In Game moveset, anyone have any ideas? thanks.

Hey Swampert, I have a Pokemon Gold Guide with a moves able to be learned by each Pokemon section, so I know what moves are available. Ask any other generation ll moveset questionsd you may have.

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No good steel STAB for Magneton sorry :( Here are some possible suggestions, choose the ones you like best:

Thunder Wave: Paralyzes the foe.

Lock-On+Zap Cannon: Takes two turns, but paralyzes the foe while doing high damage.

Swift/Return: Doesn't miss or higher power.

Thunder: This is the most powerful Electric type attack you are going to get in Gold because of no Thunderbolt TM.

Supersonic/Swagger: Confuse the foe. Choose the one you like best.

I'd go with: Thunder, Thunder Wave, Swagger, Return.

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