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Im Going To Use it in my Gold if it has a good moveset.

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I would suggest:

Morning Sun: Heals Espeopn and healing is increased by Sunny Day.

Psychic: Of course.

Shadow Ball: Filler, but powerful filler.

Sunny Day: Increases the healing of Morning Sun and also can help out your team if you use Fire or Grass types.

Other options that you could try are: Swift, Psych Up, and Swagger.

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No shadow ball, attack stat too low, anything else?
Right, Shadow Ball is Physical in Gen ll. Sorry, I forgot about that. Replace Shadow Ball with Swagger or Psych Up. I actually just wouldn't go with Espeon.
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I am currently in a tournament using just Gen. II and I drafted Espeon for my line-up. I have quite a few move sets but this one seems to be the ones I will be using. It under-utilizes Espeon's great Sp. Attk, but it's what I can up with as the most dynamic and most frustrating for others to fight.

w/Leftovers or Focus Band (personal preference)

-Psychic (No need to explain)
-Morning Sun (Healing Espeon so you can drag out the battle)
-Toxic (Compounding poison effect is great for building up damage, plus this is great for killing dark Pokemon, like Tyranitar, Houndoom and Umbreon)
-Swagger (Why the Focus Band might be necessary due to the jacked up Attk. but confusion with heightened Attk. is good for fighting anything if the opponent is hurting itself)

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