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For my gold version team.

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I'll have four sepearte answers to make it easier to distinguish.

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Typhlosion: Good choice. Great choice. The best choice. Here is what I would do + some other options:

Flamethrower: Ultimate Fire power, especially with Suuny Day.

Sunny Day: While Typhlosion can't learn Solarbeam, Sunny Day still hs two benefits, it weakens the power of Water and increaases the power of Fire.

Earthquake: Powerful to saythe least.

Toxic: Inflicts bad poison, which is always great.

Other options: Smokescreen, Swift, Dig, Fire Blast.

I think ill go with swift instead of toxic
Trachy, I found out that typhlosion can learn thunderpunch. I am going to teach it to him:)
My guide once again was wrong.
Hey trachy, Typhlosion can learn Solarbeam. Just to correct you.
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Heracross: Once again, what I would do plus some other options:

Megahorn: Only Bug type attack in the game worth learning.

Earthquake: Is Earthquake.

Strength: Good power in an HM form.

Reversal: Sorry, I actually ran out of good moves.

Other options: You could repace Reversal with Rock Smash.

I only get 1 earthquake, how about shadow ball? Its physical.
I am sure it can't learn Shadow Ball in Gen ll, but you could try it.
I'm an idiot. :( Replace Earthquake for Endure.
Not a big endure fan, anythng else?
Attract is all I can think of.
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Lapras: One of the best choices in Gen ll. I have an actually good moveset for it.

Thunder: Powerful move whose high power makes up for lower accuracy.

Ice Beam: If a Pokemon can learn Ice Beam by level up in Gen ll, teach it Ice Beam.

Surf: The best HM. STAB.

Confuse Ray/Swagger: Choose which way you want to go in confusing the foe.

Other options: Body Slam, Safguard, Hydro Pump, Blizzard.

Ill go with thunder, body slam, surf and ice beam
Adding Rain Dance to the mix is helpful too; boosts Surf's base damage and increases Thunder's accuracy to 100%
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Toxic: Inflicts bad poison.

Whirlwind: Make the foe switch out, then poison the entire team. Pideot won't survive long anyways, so this is what it should be used for.

Wing Attack/Fly: I know you like Fly and that it is an important HM, so I'm putting it in here.

Quick Attack: Priority STAb, finish off those weakened foes.

Other options: Sand-Attack, Mud-Slap, Mirror Move, Steel Wing, Hyper Beam.

Its Iron Wing in gold, not steel wing, and how about return?
Nope, still Steel WIng. Your game must be wrong. It is online. Return is fine. I would rather have Quick Attack, but Return is good also. I just put in Hyper Beam because Pidgeot is going to be really weak with th Toxic strategy done, so Hyper Beam, then it would faint.
Serebii.net is wrong once again.
XDD. Was Draco Meteor Meteoric Swarm in III gen?
Why don't you just make it one long answer like narwhals does.
He answered well, so don't vote him down ohioscyther:(
I do things differntly from narwhals. I made it like this so it is easier to distinguish between Pokemon.
actually i do have a Pidgeot and it survives well but it probably does so cause it is a lv100 one...
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Nice choice with Typhlosion (personally, my favorite Pokemon, and an absolute beast in Gen II if used correctly).
I generally run an all-offensive set on my Typhlosion, and open with another Sunny Day user first (either wait for a good switch-in opportunity, or sacrifice for Ty).

Anyway, this is what I usually run:
-Fire Blast (Gets STAB; Extremely powerful if given sunny day, had good power even without it; Accuracy leaves something to be desired, but at 85%, it's not too bad)
-Earthquake (Even though it goes off of Typhlosion's lesser Physical stat since it's ground type, it's got 100 base power, which is pretty powerful, and makes for a good general offensive move; Also helps cover Ty's weakness to rock, and gets rid of some pesky poison types, good for coverage)
-Thunderpunch (Since this is before the Physical-Special Split, this electric type move goes off of Ty's special stat, making it particularly more devastating; Accurate, with good enough power, if you get good EVs in special attack you can one-shot the less bulky water types due to superior speed, though switching out would still be preferable; Good for coverage, since it also is good against flying types)
-Roar (This may seem like a strange choice, but it's actually saved my Typhlosion several times; Typhlosion has good speed, and outspeeds almost anything that's good against it, so if your opponent puts out a water type that's too bulky for thunderpunch (such as Blastoise), you can outspeed it and use roar to force a different opponent, setting yourself up a bit better)

Other good choices include Flamethrower (if you prefer accuracy over power; With Sunny Day, it has decent power), Sunny Day (If you prefer to have Ty do his own setup; I generally avoid this, as it give the opponent time to pick off health, and Typhlosion isn't particularly bulky defensively), Toxic (good for poisoning), or Detect (good for stalling, especially if you run Toxic on him, though having both will lessen his overall coverage).

As for Heracross, another great choice. I like using Hera, too; Nice reliable and powerful bug. My Hera (mostly built for taking out Snorlax) is a little more specialized than my Typhlosion (built as a general-purpose sweeper). Snorlax was huge in the metagame, and is still a threat in-game, too (Red's snorlax is still really tanky, even though it's not Curselax), and Hera's high attack and fighting typing is a perfect counter.

What I usually run:
-Megahorn (Obviously, takes advantage of STAB, and is already very powerful at 120 base power; accuracy is the same as Fire Blast, so not too bad; Pretty locked into this choice, since there's no other particularly powerful bug moves)
-Seismic Toss (Early game, this may not seem like a good choice, but once you reach level 100 it'll pay off against your friends/enemies; Has 100% accuracy, and is another nice STAB move)
-Curse (Raises Atk/Def at cost of Spd; I run it as setup, and once you get one or two of these off, you'll be in a good position to do considerable damage with those STAB moves; If you're looking to take out Snorlax, speed won't matter too much, especially if it's a Curselax, so power is everything here)
-Reversal (Does more power when the user is at lower HP; Setting up Curse may leave you open, especially due to lower speed, but Hera's pretty tough, so you'll likely survive long enough to get off a Reversal; At really low HP after two Curses, I've been able to one-shot reasonably bulky Pokemon with this move; Also gets STAB)

Other useful moves include Protect, Detect, and Toxic (For the same reasons listed under Typhlosion), Counter (Also a useful anti-Snorlax tool; Heracross's Sp.Def is higher than Def, and Snorlax has a high Atk, so a Snorlax player (especially if Curselax) will go for the physical hit; Hera may survive, and will deal double the damage), Endure (good for stalling, like Protect or Detect).
And, hey! Hera can also learn Sunny Day, so if you can't find anyone else to set up Ty, you can open with Hera, Sunny Day, Curse, then Reversal (you'll likely be at low HP), then the first opposing Pokemon is down, and Ty is all set up to sweep.