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I loved Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and would be extremely excited if the next Pokemon game to come out is a remake. And if there is are there any details about and updated pokedex or other changes?


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Not as of now, sorry.
They just made 3 new games, so maybe they're having a break lol

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But in Emerald, he's the stand out, signature legendary, and it part of the storyline :3
Rayquaza FTW. Also, you had to wait till post game for rayquaza in R/S, contrary to E, where it's just after the 8th gym.. :3
Rayquaza is better than groudon and kyogre combined! I'd prefer a remake of just emerald instead of remakes of ruby and sapphire.
though I agree with Espwnage. Wallace sucks. Plus in Emerald your usually fighting with rayquaza and every single one of wallace's pokemon have ice beam or blizzard, I prefer Steven.
well (as all of you probably know) yes!!!:D