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Draco meteor: Dragon
Shadow Force: Ghost
Explosion: Normal
Stored Power: Psychic
Eruption: Fire
Hydro Cannon: Water
Frenzy Plant: Grass
Only required boosts are for Stored Power.

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  • Normal: Explosion
  • Fire: V-Create
  • Fighting: Focus Punch
  • Water: Hydro Cannon
  • Grass: Frenzy Plant
  • Rock: Head Smash / Rock Wrecker
  • Flying: Sky Attack
  • Steel: Doom Desire
  • Dragon: Roar of Time
  • Psychic: Psycho Boost
  • Ice: Freeze Shock / Ice Burn
  • Electric: Bolt Strike
  • Bug: Megahorn
  • Ground: Earthquake
  • Ghost: Shadow Force
  • Poison: Gunk Shot
  • Dark: Foul Play
  • Steel: Iron Tail
  • Fairy: Moonblast


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Not counting legendary Pokemon and their moves,

Blizzard: Ice
Thunder: Lightning
Megahorn: Bug
Head Smash/Rock Wrecker(Same base power): Rock
Earthquake: Ground
Focus Punch: Fighting
Gunk Shot: Poison
Sky Attack: Flying
Iron Tail: Steel
Foul Play: Dark

Listed by Sky Shaymin in comments:
Explosion: Normal
Stored Power: Psychic
Eruption(Blast Burn has same power but lower accuracy): Fire
Hydro Cannon(Water Spout has same base power but higher accuracy): Water
Frenzy Plant: Grass

Listed by Derp Pika in comments:
Draco meteor: Dragon
Shadow Force: Ghost

Moves that are stronger if Legendaries are taken into account.
V-Create: Fire/Victini
Roar of Time: Dragon/Dialga
Doom Desire: Steel/Jirachi
Freeze Shock: Ice/Kyurem
Bolt Strike: Electric/Zekrom

My Source: http://pokemondb.net/move/all

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Actually the most powerful ice type move (Damage wise if thats what your talking abot) is sheer cold because it can do a maximum of 714 damage I believe