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Okay, so I just finished a Mono bug-type playthrough on my Pokemon Ruby ROM (For those of you who are curious: Masquerain, Beedrill, Ledian, Ninjask, Shuckle, Parasect xD), and now that I'm the champion, I decided to do some after-game stuff, like the Battle Tower and contests.

I enrolled Masquerain into Beauty Contests, but I'm totally stuck in Hyper Rank... T_T

My Masquerain has a great Battle moveset, but I think it needs tweaking for contests. Any got some suggestions? Here's my moveset right now:

Bubblebeam (Beauty, 1 heart, heavy startling.)

Ice Beam (Beauty, 2 hearts, 1-heart startling.)

Silver Wind (Beauty, 1 heart raises Condition.)

Stun Spore (Smart, 1 heart, startles based on the other contestant's performances.)

Any good coordinators on the site that can help? =D


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I might not be a good coordinator, but I know where to find contest movesets.


Just scroll down. It also gives you contest strategy.

"Masquerain has slightly below average stats, so it won't last very long in battle."

Hmph, Serebii must've never seen how easily it can sweep through the Elite 4. >_>

Anyway, thank you! Voted up!