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I thinking that the massage might compared to one battle with the soothe bell,but I'm not sure.

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Considering that battling gives no happiness, the answer is the massage. Its leveling up that increases happiness not battling. But leveling up gives between 2 to 6 happiness but the massage will give 3. But eithr way soothe bell will multiply everything by 1.5 so with the soothe bell leveling up will give you 3 to 9 depening on your Pokemons happiness and the massage will give 4 so depending on your Pokemons Happiness one would be better than the other but the massage is free so just do both. For more information look here: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/118815/gen-v-happiness-quesstion

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*facepalm* Sooth Bell increases happiness. "While holding a Sooth Bell"
ronnoc is completely correct. The Soothe Bell only doubles the happiness your Pokemon gets.
*facepalm* 0 happiness * 1.5 is still 0