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Empoleon Male Level63 Quiet Nature Ability:Torrent Moves:Hydro Pump(pp:5),Metal Claw(pp:35),Drill Peck(pp:20),Shadow Claw(pp:15)

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Hey Marissa. I have fixed up your question so it is now readble/answerable. Before it was just a box :D

Anyway there is no perfect set especially for in game though I think your current set is pretty good. Maybe its not so great for competitive play in which you would battle your friends but you have got some solid coverage and have used the stabs well. Due to this being an in game set I would recommend Surf over Hydro Pump. You loose some power but its is more reliable and has triple the amount of pp. It also is nice for surfing :) Metal claw can also be a move easily replaced. It is not such a strong move even with stab plus steel coverage is not so good. You could run Flash Cannon if it gets it or you could run Ice beam which would make your mixed set almost perfect.

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Thank you for the advice