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I have Coblion and Terrikion (I'm working on beating the Elite Four again to get Virizon), but how do I get Keldeo?

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i could trade you one i have two, one from both events
I did the WiFi event. I want Keldeo, but I just started my game, so it wont obey me. If you want it you can have it in a wifi trade, I know how it feels to be left out on an event, that happened with me and the Genesect event for the first black/white. :)

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The only way to get Keldeo is from an Event who passed a while ago.Now you can only get it if you trade with someone who has it, or with Cheat Codes or Action Replay

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Keldeo is an event Pokemon that just passed. Sorry there is no way to get Keldeo without hacking for one.

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wow, i won for 1 second :p
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The event has passed,but there was a redo one in 2013.I got mine by that event.

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can you trade me one please? I have a mewtwo, articuno, or zygarde.