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You can beat the game with whatever team you want. But If you want a good team to deal with gym leaders, elite 4, etc. I would suggest this team:

Typhlosion/Feraligatr/Meganium-whichever starter you chose.

Alakazam/Gengar-Good sweeper, high power, great for all those poison types you'll face against when going through team rocket. (ice moves on him can take out lance even if he's underleveled) Gengar is an excellent pokemon too. Kadabra and haunter are still powerful if you can't trade them.

Pidgeot/Noctowl- A flying type is a neccesity because of the move fly, letting you travel around. Both have pretty good moves to deal with opponents as well.

Gyrados/Starmie-It's Gyrados. He goes well with just about any team. Starmie is an excellent pokemon, but requires a water, stone, which you don't get for a while in the game.

Amphoros-I personally don't like this guy very much, but he's very useful, and can be obtained fairly early in the game.

Heracross/eeveelution-He's hard to get, but well worth it. A pokemon like this can rip teams to shreds. Any Eeveelution is versatile enough to kill things. choose which one you need based off of your starter, so your team has balance.

You can tailor this to meet your needs, but these are a few good pokemon to name off.

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Well, since In-Game is so incredibly easy, I like to make it as hard as possible. here's a REALLY "fun" team for people who are bored with the usual "Fire Starter, Red Gyarados, Eeveeloution" kinds of teams:

CYNDAQUIL (The powerhouse of your team. It'll be carrying some strong attacks)

ONIX (Get that Onix from the kid in Violet City. To make it more fun, you can't even evolve it until after you've beaten the game. It's pretty useful for most of the Gyms, though!)

DUNSPARCE (A very fun-to-use in-game Pokemon. Average stats, all-around, and very high HP. Early Access to STAB Headbutt with Serene Grace makes it a beast)

LEDYBA (Turns into a great in-game Dual Screener, and with early access to Roost, it only gets better!)

KRABBY (Another really fun-to-use in-game Pokemon. It gets to abuse that high Attack stat now, because of the Physical/Special split)

NATU (A cool Pokemon with slow development, but is actually pretty strong, once you get it going. I warn you though, the development of Natu as a whole, is rather slow. Use Kenya as an alternate Flying-type, if ya want)

This is a FUN team, not the best team. The word "good" is relative, and basically means, "meeting one's needs." I know lots of people who want a challenge, so here ya go! In-game is so much more fun with this team. :)

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I like this team. The only problem is that apparently, a lot of people don't like challenge.
The poor kids these days. They like everything easy...:'(
We do NOT want everything to be easy! I never cared about stats. Just like Karen, I think people should make a team of pokemon they like, not necessarily the toughest!!
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My suggestion is:

Starter: Choose any starter, as it reflects who you are as a Pokemon trainer (or so the games say.)

Dragonite: Extremespeed, plus many more options. Never pass up a Dragon type on your team.

Umbreon: This is a great eeveelotion. Its Mean Look attack can be very useful in catching wild Pokemon, plus it has great strategy. Being a Dark type is a plus also.

Machamp: No-Guard is great! Machamp is a really helpful Fighting type that is easy to use. Great for Beginners.

Mamoswine: This guy fills the role of both the Ice type and the Ground type of your team. A powerful Pokemon.

Gengar: I love this guy. He has two immunities, and is just a very powerful Pokemon.

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I love this set and will probably end up using it, but doesn't Gengar have three immunities?
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Cyndaquil(typhlosion is a very fast and powerful pokemon and good sweeper)
Zubat(Crobat rocks I know I have one and he is one of the fastest pokemon ever)
Mareep(Ampharos is a good pokemon and helps defeat the champions gyrados)
Ghastly(Gengar is an amazing special sweeper)
Abra(Alakazam is also a great special sweeper and helps with the elite four member who specializes in fighting types)
Scyther(is a very fast physical sweeper)

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Karen of the Elite 4 could take out half this team with One pokemon alone.
STARTING TEAM, DarkTypholosion
Yeah, meaning an ingame team, and Karen is an ingame trainer. And if you're going to try and reply to a four year old comment, I suggest keeping that fact in mind.
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Personally I chose Typhlosion Cloyster Jolteon and Steelix. It worked very well.

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Totodile(Feraligatr has acces to Ice moves wich are usefull against Claire etc.)
Mareep(Ampharos is a great special attacker and a wall)
Spearow(Fearow is better then Pidgeot imo)
Heracross(this guy is a beast in physical sweeping)
Swinub(Mamoswine for the Electric and Dragon types)
Onix(Steelix is a great wall and can set up entry hazard Stealth Rock)

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Considering that you can't obtain the metal coat until after the game, Onix may be much harder to use unless you have someone to trade with you.
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It depends on your starter I will do teams for each starter.

Meganium Team:

Meganium (fills your starter role)
Crobat (great flying type, can learn some good attacks)
Lanturn (high HP)
Nidoking (great ground type, good attack stats)
Alakazam (awesome Pokemon) if you can't trade choose Espeon (decent attack)
Heracross (good type combination, good physical sweeper)

Typhlosion Team:

Typhlosion (good fire type, fills your starter team)
Starmie (amazing water type)
Hitmonlee (great fighting type, has some good attacks)
Golem (good Defense stats, can take some hits well) if you can't trade choose Sudowoodo (great physical attack and defense)
Fearow (great flying type)
Dragonite (awesome dragon type)

Feraligatr Team:

Feraligatr(fills your starter role)
Togekiss (great flying type, good moves)
Ninetales (good fire type, great moves)
Umbreon (great Pokemon can take a lot of hits)
Hitmonchan (great fighting type, decent defense)

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Where`s the sixth pokemon for Feraligatr team?
Can I put Rhyperior as a sixth member of Feraligatr team?
ismail11 i don't recommend a rhyperior i would usually go for ampharos or another good pokemon to cover your other 5 but if you like rhyperior and want to give him a shot thats your choice
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Here's my version of an overall good team (especially going into your final battle with Red)

Cyndaquil: Great Starter, and when it evolves into Typhlosion, it becomes BEAST
Heracross: Unstoppable Pokemon, learns Brick Break only at level 19, so you don't have to waste the TM. Also learns Aerial Ace at level 11.
Nidorino: Awesome Pokemon, learns Thunder, Blizzard, and Fire Blast when you evolve it using a Moon Stone. Nidoking is a HUGE TANK!!! Can obtain a wonderful moveset when trained properly!
Poliwhirl: Strong Pokemon, can evolve into 2 different Pokemon, if evolved into Poliwrath, it can learn strong fighting type moves!!!
Hoothoot: Great Pokemon, easy to traing, can learn Hypnosis, so Gym battles become a BREEZE!!!
Weedle: As it is only available in Pokemon Soulsilver, Weedle can evolve into Beedrill after becoming a Kakuna. So Strong

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i am playing soul silver over and I am using a totodile so i'd like to give you guys the team I plan on running

Feraligatr: very strong water type with high HP ATK and SPDef, Def although there are other decent water types I believe that feraligatr tops them all and has a better move pool-- Moveset (EarthQuake,Ice fang,Surf,and,you pick this last move)
Ninetales: Great fire type with good move pool, I might get lots of hate for this but I believe ninetales can top a typhlosion at times (sorry typhlosion fans) Ninetales has good speed and SPatk,ATK-- Moveset (Flamethrower,Sunny day,Solar beam, and extrasensory, Bold nature is preferred)
Ampharos: My favorite Elec type ever not much to say about him except he is an amazing choice, Moveset-- (Thunderbolt or thunder,signal beam, cotton guard, and agility)
Heracross: Again nothing to say except he is the best possible choice for support on this team Moveset-- (Brick Break, Aerial Ace, megahorn and rock slide)
Togekiss: Best FLYING TYPE EVER, Moveset-- (Fly, Shadow ball, Air slash, and thunder wave)
Hm Slave: Moveset-- (HMS ONLY)

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