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The elementle punches becuase he does seem to have big hands and if he coud would this be a good moveset

Earthquake(i checked and he has it, stab, and is earthquake)

crunch(i also checked, stab, may lower defense)

thunder punch(covers water)

fire punch(covers grass, bug, and ice)

It's like Groudon with different mouth... xD

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No, Warubiaru can't learn the punches, but it can learn the "Fangs" via egg moves, i.e. Fire Fang and Thunder Fang. Not as powerful but OK for type-coverage.

However you are probably better off using something like Brick Break or Dragon Claw.

Can it learn them by move tutor becuase it might becuase they have not revealed that yet
Don't know if there are tutors in Black/White, but there should be in the 'third game' so it is possible it could learn them.
For a moveset, I would suggest for Warubiaru: Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Trickery (I would suggest not having the ability Intimidate for this powerful move), Swagger. What do you guys think of this?