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I saw Gliscor and Scizor using baton-pass, I'm pretty sure they can't learn that move.

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No not all can learn Baton-Pass. Two prime examples are Ditto and Magicarp.

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How did you beat me!?
im just that fast?
0_o It was like 12 seconds old when I started. You're good.
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Not every one of them. You are wrong, Gliscor as a matter of fact actually can learn Baton Pass. Scizor on the other hand I don't think can but I'll check.

EDIT: Scizor strangely enough can learn Baton Pass, and Showdown lists it as a viable option. I don't agree.

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swords dance and baton pass is why
Yeah but he's not that fast....he'll get himself killed or the ally switching in.
What do you mean "you don't agree" with Scizor being able to learn Baton Pass. Scizor can learn Baton Pass as an egg move (so Scyther will have Baton Pass), whether you disagree with it or not. T__T
What I said was I don't agree with it being listed as a viable move on PS T__T
Oh as in one of the top moves? Sometimes you put Baton Pass on your sweeper (like Scizor) just in case you need to switch out. That means you won't have to waste your accumulated stat boosts if you're facing an opponent you can't deal with, e.g. Heatran.