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I noticed on the forum rules that this forum is also for questions about the anime, so I thought it's worth a shot!! I am looking for subtitles in English for the Japanese anime, not the English dubbed version. Although I can't watch Japanese raw, I understand enough to know that the English dub not only uses totally wrong (and annoying) voices for the characters, but also even changes the meaning of the dialogue quite a lot, Team Rocket really don't translate very well and are just silly in the dubbed version, and it annoys me too much to enjoy watching it. Therefore even if there are subtitles for the English version, the meaning would still be wrong.

I managed to find episodes 1-38 in Japanese and subbed online, but after that, only dubbed episodes... I also tried downloading a torrent for the whole season in Japanese but it's more or less raw, only about 5 episodes had any subs. Has anyone else had any luck finding subtitled episodes or .sub files? I would really like to be able to watch to at least the end of Season 1. Cheers, Emmy

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Weird. I can't find subbed version anywhere. I gotta agree, though, subbed>dubbed.
You mean episodes in Japanese that have subs that tell what the characters are saying? If so I know one, but... It is a banned episode.
Yes shiny xerneas that is *exactly* what I am looking for! :) If by banned episode you are meaning Episode 38 with Porygon and badly chosen flashing scenery, I managed to find that one and I watched it already (I was completely confident that I am not in any way epileptic, and not home alone just in case!) But no, I am seeking subtitle files or subtitled episodes for episodes 39-82, I've seen the first 39 online. Also I have all of these episodes in Japanese but with no subtitles, so if anyone knows where I can find just the subtitles that is fine too. To be honest I have searched pretty thoroughly through all the normal channels. I may have to start emailing and begging fansubbers soon! Animecrazy have the first 38 episodes subtitled online, if you are reading this post looking for the same thing as me. Be warned though that it's a highly addictive series and when you get to episode 39, there are no more subtitles, so you'll be forced to choose between stopping watching or continuing with the English dub after this point :( And if you choose to watch episode 38, please make sure that you have no history of epilepsy and that you are not alone! I knew people who were lost to epilepsy-related deaths, it's not to be taken lightly...
I actually don't even know where to find a full video of that... I was thinking about legend of dratini. I have watched the legend of dratini in japanese. If you seek to see the video you should look at this.

Before watching, I should place this warning. This episode was banned due to high gun violence. 8 pointed, 2 shot, 1 warning! If your eyes are sensative to sudden bright lights, then be careful as you reach the end! A bright blue beam will appear!

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I don't think that works....
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Totally agreed.JP episodes with english subs for the whole season 1 would be great.Please mail me if anybody finds the episodes.BTW has till 21st episode.They're probably working on more.

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Go to

There, you can get all animes, subbed or dubbed and can download them after registering there. Open the video, go to the bottom of the page, click on the video quality for downloading (after registration) and voila!

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