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I heard a Rumor that Male Pokemon have better attack stats & Female Pokemon have better Defence

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Their sprites can be different

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Back in Gen II, Male Pokemon of a species that could be either male or female had the capability to have higher IVs in their Attack stat.

However, nowadays there are no difference in the stats between genders, although it is worthy of note that Nidoking's line has higher offensive stats while Nidoqueen's line has higher defensive stats.

There are some sprite differences, such as that between male and female Venusaur. But these don't matter.

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Like Fizzcube said That Rumour is a lie

Sometimes moves like Attract work on Pokemon with opposite genders
Same goes with abilitys like Rivalry work on Pokemon with the same gender.

With Egg Breeding The female species makes the eggs always the Pre-Evolution of the females

Sometimes the Pokemon may have Different Forms for the Female/Male E.g Frillish,Jellicent

Some Pokemon have Male/Female counterparts e.g Volbeat and Illumise

Hope this is the Answer your looking For

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Nothing. That rumour is untrue.

Some Pokemon, e.g. Jellicent, appear differently when they are a boy or a girl. Here is a list of them.