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How do you get through that guy that guards the Sunyshore city entrance on platinum?


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You have to go to Mount coronet and when you go to the top of the mountain you will see a movie. When the movie is over you go to a world opposite of the one you are in. At the end of the world you'll have to defeat Cyrus to get out of the world and go to Sunyshore,

You know how you have to free the 3 legendary pokemon of the three lakes? I've done that, but I don't get what you mean by a movie and going to another world and getting out. ps I cant seem to get to the top of mount coronet? can I have a bit more info?
when i reached the place where cynthia was standing and after that she n i gone down to the place..(it was like a lift)i was suppose to encounter/saw Cyrus(final battle with him) with cynthia...but things gone wrong when i gone down i didn't saw Cyrus and when i talked with cynthia she says : things is unfair....(forgotten what she says) when i go to the place where Giratina should appear..it didn't and i can't go out to the portal where after u capture/defeat Giratina and i had to go back from the route where i come in.... =.=''' and now i can't even go to Sunyshore city
was planing to defeat all of the gym(already defeated 7 Gym)was planing to go Sunyshore city and defeat the Gym and go to defeat elite four only capture Giratina and my plan was fail....stupid Giratina...Thanks to you...my whole game story was mess up....why i had to capture/defeat Giratina only can go to Sunyshore city???why!???????? =.='''
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Kingdra right! Go to the top of the mount coronet! the place called Spear Pillar! in there you battle with team galactic again... after you defeat the team galactic, you will see a movie that bring you to another world! in there you will face Cyrus and then you can catch Giratina. after you defeat/catch Giratina, you will return to real world. now you can go to Sunnyshore city...

is there any other way to go there? cuz i didn't saw/encounter Giratina in
Distortion World even after i have gone down to the place where i could meet him....oh and also i didn't meet cynthia at the beginning and so on...mine to give an answer?