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It includes:
Electivire: (Thunder Punch-Ice Punch-Brick Break-Magnet Rise)
Scizor: (Bullet Punch-Iron Head-X scissor-Night Slash)
Houndoom: (Flamethrower-Solarbeam-Sludge Bomb-Dark Pulse)
Hitmonchan: (Fire Punch-Ice Punch-Thunder Punch-Sky Uppercut)
Empoleon: (Drill Peck-Ice Beam-Surf-Eathquake)
Honchkrow: (Fly-Night Slash-Confuse Ray-Superpower)


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Well, you don't really have any psychic type moves....but you have flying and ground, so fighting and poison shouldn't be a problem. Also...you don't really have any stat moves. It might not hurt to have a few moves for raising your own stats, or making the other pokemon sleep. You mostly have attacking moves, but you have a huge variety, so I think you'll be okay :) You should give your pokemon some items and make them even better!

What Psychic move should I have? and which pokemon should I teach it to?
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From the moveset, I know you are an offendsive strategy! cause all of your move are mostly attacking move, just a few like Magnet Rise (great move) and Confuse Ray are a status move. and, well...it's good! mostly can cover their weakness. keep it up...