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In other words they don't learn moves of their typing.

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What is this, a trivia question?
cmon pple... no one knows this..?

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Well, through actual STAB moves that do damage, Pokemon who don't have a very broad movepool (like Magikarp, Ditto, Caterpie, Weedle etc.) don't normally have actual STAB moves.

However, if you mean actual moves of their typing, and not STAB, after some brief research the only Pokemon I can think of is Magikarp, Feebas, Metapod, Kakuna, Silcoon and Cascoon. Understandably, I didn't want to do a heap of research, but some brief research of 'Pokemon that don't possess broad movepools' and that's all I got.

I hope I helped. :)

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Sorry about this answer. There are probably a few more that I never named, but yet again, I did better than most people would. xD
Feebas is the only one out of all you said that I wouldn't have said! Wow, you know more than me.
well, i know another one. Gastly,haunter,gengar,and steelix
I've had a history with Feebas. A really, really bad one. xD