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I'm a little confused right now. I can't trade between two Gameboys, so can I transfer from Crystal to Platinum?


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It is impossible to transfer Pokemon between generation's two and three. So its impossible. Sorry. To trade between game boys you require a physical cable link. To transfer Pokemon from (gen III) gameboy games to (gen IV) ds games, you put both in the same ds and use the Pal Park, but your crystal Pokemon are stuck there, unable to transfer to any generation III, IV, or V game.

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Nope. You can't, sorry about that. There are a few reasons, mostly because many things changed in Generation 3, meaning the jump from Gen II to IV would confuse the game.

  • There was no Special Attack/Defence in Gen II, so a Pokemon without those stats wouldn't work in Platinum.
  • EVs worked differently in Gen II, so the Pokemon's stats would be screwed up.

One of the consequences of the changing mechanics with each game. :/

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