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Hello everyone,

I have scoured the internet for many hours and I cannot find a single, clear answer to this question:

What Pokemon Games are needed to catch all the legal Pokemon, not counting event Pokemon and illegal Pokemon?

I want to know which games I can use to get all the Pokemon, not including event or illegal Pokemon. I am not interested in the GTS trades at this point, because there are so many hacked Pokemon.

I have the following Games, which I have recently bought (they are hard to find it seems):
Ruby, Sapphire, Firered
Heart Gold, Soul Silver
White, White 2, Black 2

Please answer clearly, also because no doubt many people will come to this page from google since I have taken care to tag the post carefully.

Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it!

Before I answer, I need to know if you plan on including starter Pokémon? Because, if you are, that would make a large difference.

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I will make a list of all legendary Pokémon and their areas excluding Event Pokémon.

  • Articuno can be found in HG/SS and is located in the Seafoam islands after you have collected all 16 badges
  • Zapdos can be found in HG/SS and is located in front of the powerplant after you have collected all 16 badges
  • Moltres can be found in HG/SS and can be found after you have collected all 16 badges and is located deep within Mt.Silver
  • Mew: NA
  • Mewtwo can be found in HG/SS after you have collected all 16 badges and is located deep within the Cerulean cave
  • Enteiis a roaming Legendary Pokémon in HG/SS
  • Raikou is a roaming legendary Pokémon in HG/SS
  • Suicune will be roaming the Johto and Kanto region and will eventually be catchable at the North-east of Cerulean city
  • Lugia can be found in HG/SS. In SS he can be found after collecting all 8 badges of the Johto region and will be at lv.45. In HG he will be obtainable after getting the silver wing from an old man in Pewter city and will be at lv.70.
  • Ho-oh can be found in HG/SS. In HG he can be found after collecting all 8 badges of the Johto region and will be at lv.45. In SS he will be obtainable after getting the rainbow wing from an old man in Pewter city and will be at lv.70.
  • Celebi NA
  • regirock can be found in R/S/B2/W2
  • registeel can be found in R/S/B2
  • Regice can be found in R/S/W2
  • Kyogre can be found in S/HG
  • Groudon can be found in R/SS
  • rayquaza can be found in R/S/HG/SS
  • Jirachi NA
  • Latias can be found in HG/W2
  • latios can be found in SS/B2
  • Deoxys NA
  • Uxi can be found in P//B2/W2
  • Mesprit can be found in P/B2/W2
  • Azelf can be found in P/B2/W2
  • Dialga is only to be found in D/PT and both games you don't have
  • Palkia can be found in P
  • Giratina can be found in P
  • Manaphy NA
  • Phione can only be made when a Manaphy breeds with a Ditto
  • Heatran can be found in P/B2/W2
  • Cresselia can be found in P/W2/B2
  • Darkrai NA
  • Rotom can be found in P/W/W2/B2 (Rotom is not a legendary but it is one of a kind in since gen IV
  • Regigigas can be found in P/W2/B2
  • Shaymin NA
  • Arceus NA
  • Reshiram can be found in B/W2
  • Zekrom can be found in W/B2
  • Victini NA
  • Cobalion can be found in W/B/W2/B2
  • Terrakion can be found in W/B/W2/B2
  • Virizion can be found in W/B/W2/B2
  • Keldeo NA
  • Thunderus can be found in W and in dream radar
  • Tornadus can be found in B and in dream radar
  • Landorus can be found in B/W and in dream radar
  • Meloetta NA
  • Genesect NA

All Pokémon that are NA are all event exclusive Pokémon
The games that are listed are only the games that you have.

Hope this helped :)

the first few Pokémon have extra information just because this should really be taken into account
You can catch all other Pokémon with your combined games. The Pokémon listed above are just the rarest>>>the Legendary Pokémon. As for zoroark, you can obtain N's zorua in black/white2.
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No Gen III games are needed; only Gen IV & V games are needed to obtain all Pokemon (legendaries and Kanto + Hoenn starters).

I'll list the hard(er) to obtain legendaries. You need:

Heart Gold & Soul Silver
- Both Lugia & Ho-oh are obtainable in just one of these editions
- Mewtwo
- Legendary Dogs (cats?)
- Weather Trio; Kyogre & Groudon are only available in one edition, and both are needed for Rayquaza
+ Kanto & Hoenn starters (one from each game, so you need to either trade or restart a game in order to get all 3).

- Giratina, Palkia & Dialga

Black & White
- Tornadus & Thundurus are version exclusive, both needed to obtain Landorus
Black 2 & White 2
- White Kyurem & Black Kyurem

Well, I guess you only need either Black 2 or White 2, since you can transfer either Zekrom or Reshiram from BW to fuse with Kyurem.

There are some legendaries available in multiple games, e.g. Lake Trio are available in Platinum & B2W2, and Sword trio are available in all Gen V games.

Note: you will either need to trade for some starters, or restart some games to get them.

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Legendary Beasts not dogs
Ah right; I just heard them called Dogs once, and forgot that they were called Beasts as well.
what is the sword trio?
Musketeer trio, i.e. Cobalion, Virizion & Terrakion.
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The answers below are well thought out and mostly correct; however, I have been contemplating this same feat myself and have found 4 more "unobtainables" / legendaries that can be gotten that are listed as "event exclusive". They are as follows:

#1. Jirachi
For this you will need a Gamecube, the bonus disc that came with Pokemon Colosseum and a GBA Link Cable (can be found on eBay for ~$5) and one of your third gen games. The bonus disc can be used to upload one copy of Jirachi to each cartridge from that era (Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald)

#2. Phione
For this you will need a Wii, the WiiWare game My Pokemon Ranch and either Diamond or Pearl. Hailey will offer trade you one once 350 Pokemon are in the ranch (they don't have to be different and they don't have to all be from you either, she gives you one each day just for playing, sometimes more). Or you could breed the one from #3...

#3. Manaphy
For this you will need two DS's, Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. Beat missions in Ranger to unlock Ranger Net, under that hold R, X and left to access a password menu. Enter the appropriate password dependent upon your game's region and "check egg" will now replace the Ranger Net button, turn on the second DS with Diamond or Pearl loaded and get to the menu screen (continue, new game) and select check egg on the first DS. Your Manaphy egg will now be transfered into Diamond/Pearl!

#4. Mew
My whole reason for this quest in the first place. They said it could only be gotten in first gen games, but they were wrong! Following the same procedure as #2, keep importing until you have 1000 Pokemon in the Ranch, Hailey will say that she would like to recapture her love for Pokemon as she knew it when she first starting collecting or something equally as poetic and offer to trade you a fully legitimate Mew for any Pokemon egg.

Honorable Mention: Celebi

Celebi was given away by having used the Pokemon Bank service between February and September of 2014 as a gift.

There you have it, one step closer to "catching them all" ;)

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Looks like you have all that is needed, for getting all the non-event Pokemon. HG/SS and B/W2 are set up so you can get Pokemon like Rayquaza and the Regi-trio.

HG and SS are gen 4's gen 1-3 replacement games. They have most of the gen 1-3 legendaries. Seen here.
While B/W2 picks up where HG/SS left off. (The Regi-trio) Seen here.

This is because that most people don't play the gens 1-3 games any more and are unable to transfer valuable Pokemon to gens 4, 5, and now gen 6.