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A board I just came from says TM 95 is located in Castelia City and Mr. Lock has it. Who is Mr. Lock, where do I find him and how do I obtain the Lock Capsule?


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Lock Capsule is not available in Black/White. It's true.

There were only two ways to get TM 95 besides hacking with DeSmuMe Emulator.

  • There was a Toys R US event where Zorark had snarl on it. Go to the trade boards and ask for a male one and breed the move onto it. Since the event is over you can't get in now.

  • But if you have SoulSilver, you can get the Lock Capsule, and send it through relocator and take it to Mr. Lock in the Northern Road of Castelia City. He'll unlock it and give you the TM.

Link to Confirmation for the point 2

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