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my gyrados canot learn fly yet it is a flying type

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Gyarados can't learn any Flying Move except Bounce.
Another Strange thing is that Scyther can't learn Fly, and while the Pokedex specifically says Doduo/Dodrio cannot Fly, for some strange reason, it can learn Fly.

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Alot of flying type Pokemon cannot learn fly! (etc. Archen, Scyther, Gyrados) It has no real way of flying, and Game Freak made very low-quality sprites back then, so maybe it was supposed to look like it had wings, but it appeared not to, and they just kept the idea of no wings but still flying type. They may have done it just to stir up attention or something like that. So, I hope you learned a lesson from this: "Dont judge a book by it's cover"! lol. I hope this helps! -Jellohamster

I think it was based off dragons that can fly without wings, but especially in gen 1 it would have been op as a water dragon.  Also if it has that undulating snake dragon motion it would probably make most people feel sick.
it is based of a chineese dragon that can fly
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Simply it is that Gyarados is based off of a serpant but serpants can't fly. Not just that but it dosn't have wings and can't simply levatate Just like some flying types like Doduo and Dodrio. Doduo and Dodrio are based off of the flightless Dodo bird. So, since Gyarados is based off of a serpant, wich can't fly, they made Gyarados unable to fly to make it logical for being based off of a serpant.

but the Chinese dragons it is based off can fly
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Although Gyarados has a very draconic structure, it was originally a useless fish that we all know as Magikarp. Magikarp could not fly, can't fly and will never be able to fly. Although Magikarp doesn't have much use and was even given the title the weakest Pokemon. Even his cousin Feebas didn't earn that title. What it did get credit for was it's ability to leap (bounce) it's way up over a crashing waterfall/mountain. When it has accomplished this, it evolves into the mighty Gyarados. As Gyrados it is still not able to fly as seen in the anime. Although it is seen levitating in the game, it has never been seen levitating in the anime were the Pokemon's true nature is focused on.

Gyarados is easily compared to the Leviathan. The mighty serpent of the seas." Who can catch Leviathan". It can't levitate/fly either.

It probably gets it's flying type from the fact that it can now literally leap over a whole waterfall in one atempt as seen several times in the anime. When it does so, it really looks like he is flying over the waterfall.

Another possible reason is to show the great leap/flight
improvement it has made since it was a Magikarp as you can't compare it to Gyarados.

Also as mentioned before me there are a lot of Pokemon that can't learn fly even though they are flying types. This is because of the reason that a lot of Pokemon float or jump really high in the air more then fly. For this reason they get access to bounce instead of fly such as Scyther,etc.. Genesect can learn fly for obvious reason as seen in the trailer of the 16th movie. It could probably not fly 300 million years ago since it didn't have all the features it has now that team plasma have upgraded it.

Archen can't fly because it isn't an incredible jumper, it isn't incredibly fast or it isn't super modified. The reason why Doduo/Dodrio can fly is their blinding speed. It has been said that if an ostrich was a little faster it could be able to leave the ground due to the presence of plumage. Dodrio is a mix of a Dodo bird and an ostrich and is likely much faster the one, making it very possible for it to "fly" without wings
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Yeah. It can't. Game Freak logic, I don't even know why it is a Flying type.

It also could be based on a Flying Fish, which can't fly.

Hope I helped! :)

I think the only other option was Water/Dragon and Water/Dragon is OP (1 weakness.). That's why Palkia's Uber, other than the fact it's got 150 Base SpA and 100 Spd.
Also there was no good Dragon type moves in Gen 1.
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It cannot learn fly even though it is a flying type. But t can learn bounce which is almost the same as fly. The only problem is bounce has 85 base power as opposed to fly's 90 and it also has a 85 accuracy whereas fly has 95.