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I'm playing Pokemon Platinum version now. I think my team still has some weak spots because I just use original move(i think) and I don't have much experience about this :P. I would like you guys recommend please :)

Metagross - (Hammer arm, Meteor Mash, Zen heatbutt, Earthquke).
Blaziken - (Blaze kick, Sky uppercut, Brave bird, Flare blitz)
Dragonite - (Aqua tail, outrage, aerial ace, safe guard)
Tyranitar - (Crunch, earthquake, rock slide, ice punch)
Porygon-z - (Tri attack, discharge, signal beam, physic)
Milotic - (recover, ice beam, surf, toxic)

That's my team. I know that my Pokemon's moves are a bit weak, so may you tell me what moves should I change? :)

What game do you play?
I'm playing Platinum and trade Pokemon from Heart gold and Soul silver :)

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Metagross-No change. He's good, maybe gyro ball since you have hammer arm, but since you have meteor mash, you should be good.

Blaziken-He doesn't really need two fire moves. and Brave bird and flare blitz will both inflict lots of recoil, which he can't take along with his frail defenses. Shadow claw is good for covering psychic types, you could use rock slide or stone edge for those flying types. Swords dance is a great move for him to boost his attack power through the roof.

Dragonite-The combination of safeguard and outrage is nice, but a bit predictable. I would suggest swapping them for dragon claw and dragon dance, that way you can boost your other moves. But you have a lot of physical sweepers, I think it would be a good idea to make dragonite a special attacker, with the suggested set:
Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse-Both are very powerful moves, and offer STAB.

Thunderbolt-Good type coverage. also deals with the oh so common water/ice pokemon that can carry ice beam.

Flamethrower-good move to cover lots of pokemon, and deals with ice types.

roost-restores his health.

Dragonite is very versatile, so you can do a number of things with him.

Tyranitar-you could swap out ice punch for aerial ace to deal with his 4X fighting weakness, stone edge is an option if you feel lucky and want a bit more power than rock slide.

Porygon-z-You definitely want nasty plot on Porygon-z. It will make him a deadly killer. Dark pulse is an option, but not required. Agility is a choice if you want him to outspeed the opponent, but not really needed if you also have nasty plot.

Milotic-the set is good. I've seen hidden power [grass] on her to cover against other water types, but this should do you fine.

Oh thank you very much about your answer. It's very useful for me :)
Stone Edge is OK, but BLAZIKEN can learn ThunderPunch too.
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Metagross is fine

blazekin does not need to fire type moves so switch flare blitz for stone edge.

dragon ite should have dragon claw not outrage it is too unreliable. also he needs fire punch to cover ice so remove safeguard.

tyranitar should have stone edge not rock slide.

porygon is good

milotic is fine

Yes I know safe guard and outrage is a good combo but they coud switch to a steel type.
Thank you so much about your answer :) I will modify my team now :)
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Well I don't exactly see a full weakness. All I know is that every pokemon should be able to cover it's own weaknesses. Oh and don't have moves like horn drill with low accuracy.

Oh thanks a lot :)