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I will only do two per day of this kind of question so as to not as to many at once

When would you need to train those two? Usually you do one of the attacks plus speed, or a combo of def/spdef/hp.
I am training my milotic in those
Special tank Pokemaster.

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Location: Old Chateau
Pokemon: Gastly (1), Gengar* (3)
Levels: 14-17
Comment: Earliest one, and probably really good because it's the only one
you'll find. Gengar is only available if you insert any GBA cartridge.

Location: Route 208
Pokemon: Budew (1), Ralts (1), Roselia (2)
Levels: 17-20
Comment: Kinda okay. Budew are pretty common.

Location: Fuego Ironworks
Pokemon: Magnemite (1), Magmar (2)
Levels: 28-30
Comment: It's okay, they're pretty common.

Location: Route 224
Pokemon: Roselia (2), Gloom (2), Beautifly (3), Oddish (1), Natu (1)
Levels: 49-52
Comment: Okay-ish, but I don't like the location. Oddish only appear at night,
while Natu only appear through swarms.

Location: Route 212 South
Pokemon: Tentacool (1), Tentacruel (2), Lotad (1), Lombre (2)
Levels: 20-40
Comment: Not that good since the last two require the Sapphire Cartridge, but
at least it's versatile. The first two are found through surfing, while the
last two are found in the grass, which require the Sapphire Cartridge like

Location: Route 218 (Walking and Surfing)
Pokemon: Mr. Mime (2), Tentacool (1), Tentacruel (2)
Levels: 20-40
Comment: Kinda good coz you get to kill mimes now I guess.

Location: Route 223
Pokemon: Tentacruel (2), Mantyke (1)
Levels: 30-50
Comment: Ooh, Mantykes. Tentacruel are pretty common so yeah.