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Basically I was clearing out a load of old rubbish from my loft and found my old Emerald and have restarted it and I want Slaking on my team, any suggestions for a moveset?


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I would probably do this:
enter image description here
Nature: Adamant/Jolly

Ability: Truant (no other option)

  • Return/Double-Edge/Mega Kick
    STAB, and the power gets better as the friendship raises for Return, huge power for Double-Edge but recoil damage, and big power again but shaky accuracy for Mega Kick.

  • Brick Break
    Coverage against Steel and Rock types, and works extremely well with the next move.

  • Shadow Ball
    Gets Ghost-Fighting coverage with Brick Break, and is your weapon against Ghost types.

  • Bulk Up/Earthquake/Rock Slide/Elemental Punch
    Bulk Up can be used for boosting your attack and defense and make you an absolute monster. Earthquake, Rock Slide, or one of the Elemental Punches are all coverage options.

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Adamant and Jolly, seriously? That's a waste of pokeballs
Lawl. It's in-game. They are just preferred natures. They aren't mandatory.
thanks this seems pretty cool, I'll give it a go
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Move # 1 Hyper Beam
Move # 2 Bulk Up
Move # 3 Brick Break
Move # 4 Rock Slide

Dont you remember traunt? I cant do bulk up. Hyper beam isnt that good since its special attack isnt as good as physical
Can't do Bulk Up? What?
Also, in gen III both are physical.
I mean traunt kinda like makes it useless in my opinion
Boosting move are fine with Truant imo, but you said you CAN'T do it :P
yeah... :P