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I have so far beaten 4 gyms
Norman's pokemon keep beating me
So I need one more pokemon to complete this team
(please also correct current movesets)

Combusken lv 28 Ember Double Kick Tackle Peck
Mightyena lv 30 Bite Dig Tackle Secret Power
Swellow lv 29 Wing Attack Steel Wing Double Team Quick Attack
Manectric lv 27 Shock Wave Theif Spark Quick Attack
Gyarados lv 27 Splash Tackle Bite Dragon Rage


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Having trouble with Slaking? That's a problem tha most players have (not me, I have a level 50 by then.) Pelliper is however a great idea, being able to learn Protect. Use it every other turn, as Slaking's Truant stops it from attacking every other turn, meaning with Protect, it will be unable to hit you. For movesets, you can't really do much early on, so after you have beaten the Elite Four and done all that stuff, ask later, as you will have most or all of the TMs by then.

Ah yes, protect, I had forgotten how good that was against slaking. Same kind of deal as my Fake out causing him to flinch. Fake out does damage when you use it but I can't attack in between when I'm switching whereas protect doesn't do damage but you are free to attack in between.

As to what you said about move sets I took that into account when I recommended some and only stated ones that they would probably have learnt by then, (not an awesome move set that could be acquired later in the game)
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A good Sableye could be useful, as it wouldn't be affected by some of his best moves, but against Normal another fighting type can always come in handy. Also if you had an Aron normal type moves wouldn't be very effective against it.

My personal choice would be Sableye (Fake Out, Cut, Night Shade, Fury Swipes). Night Shade wouldn't be useful against this gym but would be useful later on.
You can get them in Granite Cave.
You can also get Makuhita in granite cave, which could serve as your other fighting type if that would be your preferred method. (I personally like very few fighting Pokemon). I would teach it Vital Throw, Fake out, Arm thrust and Sand Attack.
Aron can also be caught there and some good moves for it early level are Harden, Mudslap, Headbutt, Metal Claw.
Aron would be my second Choice.

Last time I did it I tried using two low level Pokemon against his Slaking, one of which was Sableye. I kept switching between the two of them, using Fake out as I brought them out (they both had it) so Slaking couldn't move then switching the out as he was having his move off because of his Truant ability. His Hp went down slowly but surely with my Pokemon not getting touched. The only problem was that they ran out of pp after a Super potion or two.

I hope this helps.

You could do it with the Pokemon you have if you played it well.
The other Pokemon with Fake Out I was using was Lombre if anyone is interested. That Lombre is now the mother to an Absolutely awesome Ludicolo