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The only valuable move that my Technician Roserade knows is Magical Leaf. Any others?

Tbh, Technician is absolute **** on Roserade. It barely has any moves to take advantage of it, and Natural Cure, its other ability, is way more useful.
He also has Hidden Power. But that is it.

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You guys are quite the negative folks, aren't you?

Roserade (F) @ Black Sludge
Trait: Technician
EVs: 24 HP / 252 SAtk / 232 Spd | IVs: 31/30/31/28/31/30
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Magical Leaf
- Weather Ball / Round
- Hidden Power [Fire]
- Synthesis / Sleep Powder

Use Weather Ball if using in OU, because weather is prominent in OU. Otherwise, try Round.

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That works?
You really think that could take a Pokemon out? Weather Ball doesn't work, in rain Weather Ball will be water, in sun fire. Unless you have your own weather it's not easy, besides in weather Weather Ball doesn't take advantage of Technician, and outside of weather it's a puny normal type move. HP Fire again doesn't take advantage of Technician, and Leaf Strong hits way harder than Tech Magical Leaf. Synthesis and Sleep Powder again don't take advantage of Technician but they are moves it should know. Overall, you could have a much better Roserade with Natural Cure tbh.
I'm pretty sure that he asked for a Technician moveset. Not a Natural Cure one :P
Some people play mainly in the game, where they CANNOT FREAKING CHANGE AN ABILITY.
And some people rather not go standard :3

- Magical Leaf was chosen only because Leaf Storm on a Technician set lowers the viability; the SAtk drop is dreadful.
- Weather Ball is to really be used in OU, because weather teams are there approximately 80% of the time. And you're saying a 100-150 base power move in Weather isn't good? You might as well say no to all the Earthquake users.
- Puny Normal type move? I wonder why I slash Round in there. Yes, its still a 60 base power move, but it has few options to go for.
- You mean all the moves that Technician users must be abusing Technician. Let's just get rid of the following:
 - Spore Breloom
 - Swords Dance Breloom
 - Swords Dance Scizor
 - Roost Scizor
- HP Fire doesn't get Technician. I wonder why I put specific IVs there.
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Don't bother with it, as JarHar said, Roserade can't pull off Technician well at all. I suggest getting a new one and Natural Cure should be its ability.