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I get Girantina being a Ghost/Dragon type and Dialga being a Steel/Dragon type, but why is
Palkia a Water type.

Why is Palkia a Water type?
Because Palkia felt like it.

yeah its water type cause it is.
Because it is not a fire type ; )
Why is blastoise a water type ? Why is Dragonite a  Dragon type ?
Blastoise is water type cuz its a turtle, dragonit is dragon type cuz itsa dragon =3
I believe the reason Palkia is a water type because since Palkia is a spacial pokemon. Palkia can create space and water takes up space (volume).

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The presence of fins in their back, the fish-like head and the pearls are possibly the reason for its Water type.

Its secondary type may also originate from the weightlessness one experiences in water, such as the fact that astronauts use water to train for space expeditions.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Palkia

Just saying, I was already thinking of the second reason before I went on Bulbapedia. They just happened to think of it too.

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I thought its because palkia remembles pearls and pearls come from underwater
I thought those were wings on its back it can fly in the anime
Then it is a flying fish (those are real. Look it up. )
Space isn’t like outer space in the case of Palkia it is literally space, like space around you
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I had an idea, so I just decided to share it and see how many people agree with me. I think Palkia is water type because it's supposed to bring oceans to mind, which are very big and cover a lot of space, just as steel is durable and covers a lot of time.

I really like this one :D

Makes a lot of sense, tbh.
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Palkia is a water type because Dialga, Palkia and Giratina represent the three forms of matter:
Dialga is a steel type because it is the solid form.
Palkia is a water type because it is the liquid form.
And Giratina is a ghost type because it the gas form.

But the states of matter have nothing to do with their roles.
Well, not exactly. Although, Giratina is based on antimatter. There are more than 3 states of matter anyway, you're forgetting plasma. But Dialga and Palkia are based on time and space respectively. I think a better explanation is the one most people go with, that being that pearls are found in water. But another explanation could be based on Ancient Egyptian Mythology, where "space" is seen as a large body of water.
Well not exactly. Although, Giratina is based on GRAVITY. There are more than 3 creation Pokemon... I mean 3 states of matter anyway, you're forgetting Arceus. But Dialga and Palkia are based on time and space respectively. Dialga is steel type because time is still-moving and constant, never getting faster or slower like a solid. While Palkia is water type because of the vastness of space is similar to the vastness of the ocean. And Giratina is ghost type because like gravity, ghosts are all around us but we can never see them with the naked eye, ghosts are also the most gaseous of every type (I.E gastly).  Arceus is plasma because of how many different things plasma makes up, (99% of our known universe) this is like how Arceus is every type, and also omnipotent because its literally everything. They all fit their respective themes while also having the states of matter, because Pokemon can in fact have more than one inspiration.

Tl:DR Creation Quartet can have more than one inspiration and are based on matter.
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One reason Palkia may be water type is because it is the “Pearl” since you get it it Pokemon Pearl. Pearl are Aquatic objects. Another reason Palkia is a water type is because, as GoniKa said, Dialga, Palkia and Giritina represent the basic states of matter, solid, liquid and gas respectively.
I also acknowledge Chamblane’s point with antimatter and the perspective of Ancient Egypt. They are valid points. These are the most likely main reasons why the developers chose Palkia to be a water type.

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