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I want to mate my Riolu but its a baby pokemon or at least thats what I heard, I don't now and also I need it to evolve so I can trade it.


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He doesn't evolve at a certain level. He evolves by getting his happiness to 220. You can increase happiness by:
Walking 256 steps
Massage (Veilstone City)
Massage (Ribbon Syndicate)
Using vitamins
Level up
Using EV Berries^

Conversely, you can lower happiness by:
Using EnergyPowder
Using Heal Powder
Using Energy Root
Using Revival Herb
Haircut brothers (HeartGold, SoulSilver)
Daisy grooming (HeartGold, SoulSilver)

Also remember that you will reset his happiness if you trade him. Pokemon bred from an egg start off with a happiness of 120, and if you trade him, it will drop to 70 for most pokemon.

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How do you make him really happy in Black and White?
werid,because my Riolu fainted and it became Lucario.
Where does it show the happiness level in Diamond?
You get a certain poketch app or you go to that footprint guy outside of pastoria
Mine evolved at level 24 with really low hp.Or it fainted
Mine evolved lvl 8
My buneary was weak and always fainted but I was training it and it evolved!