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This site said it was in a freezers container, they lied! I also would appreciate if you could tell me the location of Honeclaws. They lied about that as well :)


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enter image description here

That is the exact location of it. Sorry about the failed quality, but hopefully you know where that is. You can check here as to how to get it.

As for finding Hone Claws, you can look here for another video example. The reason you probably can't find Hone Claws though is probably because it can only be found post-game.

Hope I helped. :)
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Scald: An item on the ground in Cold Storage.

Hone Claws: Re finding a sage in Cold Storage.

I searched Cold Storage "Head to Toe" and talked to the sage. I don't remember which TM I got
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I've looked on Bulbapedia and Serebii and they both say the TM Scald is in the Freezer container. Maybe you just weren't looking properly. Hone Claws can also be found there-it is a gift from one of the seven sages of Team Plasma.

Didn't get hone claws or Scald, and I did find the sage