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I got a torterra from a gts trade, sucessfully and something has been bugging me, it works in wifi battles and its IVs aren't the best BUT when I look at its summary it says found in Nimbasa city at level 5, is it legit or not?

If it works in all the Wi-Fi stuff 'n' stuff, I really wouldn't worry since it hasn't been majorly hacked.

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Actually, it is very possible to even use a hacked Pokemon in the random matchup. However it must not be suspicious and the random matchup uses a similar legality check that Pokecheck uses. Chances are very high that the person you received it from either made the Pokemon by him/herself but only has met in Nimbasa City as suspicion thus making the Location check look a little suspcious but seeing that it's EVs and Ivs are ok, it is still legit for battle in the random matchup. However if it is an egg that hatched, then it is very possible that the person you received it from hatched and raised the Torterra by him/herself

  • Green=Valid
  • Orange=Suspicious but considerable
  • Red=Invalid

You can also check if your Pokemon is legit by yourself by depositing it in Pokecheck. There you will see how much investment it has in IV, EV, where it was caught and all personal details about it. At the bottom of the page there will be something called show legality analysis and there you will be able to check if your Pokemon is legit as you will get an analysis similar to the one below
For more details read this page

Example of a legality analysis

enter image description here

This was the legality check for a random Torterra I saw on Pokecheck

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I went on the site and i couldnt find my one.....
Maybe it was AR and customised it?
Step 1. Set your primary DNS server to the address at the top of this page in the WFC settings.
Make sure to change the settings for the correct connection (under advanced settings if using WPA) and hit "Save Settings".
This has to be done here: https://www.pokecheck.org/i/howto.png

Step 2. Make a deposit request for the Pokémon you want to check. When asked for what Pokémon you're looking for, enter anything.
When you confirm the offer, the game will tell you your Pokémon can't be traded (but it has been recorded on Pokécheck).
If for any reason your Pokémon is accepted, you are on the official GTS and you didn't follow step one correctly, make sure
you're setting up the right connection (check advanced settings if using WPA). This script can tell you if your ISP is blocking Pokécheck.

In generation 5, you should get error code 13266

Normally after these steps your Pokemon should be visible on Pokecheck however you must use the same IP you used to deposit your Pokemon in the GTS